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Bravo to Sony! And kudos to the engineers who made this lens deliver such sensational 3-D POP! Simply phenomenal (and bokehlicious) renderings and micro contrast detail. I'm in love with this look! I can't wait for the butterfly hatchings this spring. I'm also egregiously excited to use my brand new Sony a6500 on a claymation revival project that the Art Cartel Collective in Boulder near me is doing with our (admitedly kitschy) Gumby and Friends reimagining. This lens looks ridiculously full of awesomeness! I'm insanely stoked for Sony to finallly come out with a perfect lens at a perfect price. Want!

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Zdman: I realise DPreview is going for a certain response but its funny that the people commenting the most here don't realise what a niche market they are. At least half (I would wager more) of the market are women who amazingly have better things to do all day than moan why 4k wasn't included in the 80D. They buy a camera and take pictures (better than most here) and Canon gives them the exact camera that they want. Sony is playing to the enthusiast and making cameras for them and starting to make some good money from it (good for them). Most of the commenters here would be moaning at Honda and Toyota for not making a car that competes with the latest Porsche.

Gender seems to be a new branch of politics. It is now inevitably drug (senselessly) into every conversation is can possibly be applied to.

To say that women in general take better pictures that the people who obsess the most over tools, imagining and craft is senseless.

I've talked to countless female photographers while shooting video at weddings, and the good ones take great pictures, just like the good male photogs. If you want to generalize I can give you some *actual* generalizations that hold up in the wedding photog world. First, women are generally a little better than men when comparing "good" to "good" (80% of the industry). In the top 5% and up I don't see much difference, at that level everything evens out. The bottom 15% are learning or don't know why they're doing.

The females that on average are a little better, aren't better because of their technical skills, it's because they care more about the emotions of the day and connect better with the details because of that. They can more easily see things through the bride's eyes than a male photographer. Reconsidering, I would say the top 1/3, in general are probably about equal, however. Experience can mostly make up for not seeing the detail or emotion I mention.

When it comes to their tools, they know cameras better than you might think, but anyone reading this would know significantly more. And they take a (probably small, but real) penalty for this.

One of the very top pieces of advice from a veteran female DP to a crowd recently was to (paraphrasing) "know your camera and know what all the features do and why that matters." That's not something you'd ever heard out of a male DP's mouth at any professional level. At it gets at the crux of the (tiring) gender issue. Both sexes (and everything in between) can become world class competitors. But there are differences and depending on the niche of work, those gender differences can work in one gender's favor over the other. It's as simple as that. Looking for a wedding photographer and I have two "good" candidates- all else equal, I'd pick the female. Looking for an architectural photographer and I have to "good" candidates- all else equal, I'd pick the male.

The s___ty thing is, that in the environment of today, making the above statements is grounds for starting a riot. No one is willing to accept actual, real, biological differences between gender anymore. And because of that, each general is being either unreasonably held back or unreasonably promoted- and not being able to excel based on the talents inherent to their gender.

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Can you turn the AA-canceling feature off?

This looks like a great stills only camera (imagine that?), especially at this price.

I'm totally new to Pentax, so forgive this newb question. But what other lens mounts are adaptable to the K mount? I would put a cine lens on this if I had to to get the full use out of that sensor.

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kff: USB 2.0 ? Not 802.11ac ?

"They've been designing this thing for years - be grateful it doesn't have an RS232 serial port and ship with an adapter."

I haven't laughed this hard at a comment in a while. :)

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