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1600 Euro or 1500 US-$.

Hmmmm... no!

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On article DPReview TV: Nikon Z6 II review (360 comments in total)
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Horshack: It's certainly possible that the Z6/Z7's banding issue has been resolved but keep in mind it's very easy to incorrectly reach that conclusion because reproducing the banding requires careful methodology. Start at the following post for details, which describes the reproduction of banding on FW 2.0 of the original Z's and has a link to more details as to why the banding can be missed:

No issue for me because I haven't seen it on my photos.
So that is IMO artificially exaggerated.

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1100 US$ (or 1200 Euro) for a smartphone ???
I mean... really???

Sorry, but this is beyond me.

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On article Nikon Z7 II initial review (774 comments in total)
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BrexitDefCom3: D lens & Z lenses: the crippling financial burden ups several notches.
24-70 f2.8 D non VR £1370D £2000Z new
1424 f2.8 £1480D £2500Z new
50mm f1.8G £200D £520Z new
35mm f1.8G £470D £730Z
20mm F1.8G £690D £1000Z
24mm f1.8G £630D £990Z
85mm f1.8G £429D £710Z

The lenses for the D850 cost much much less than the same lenses in the Z mount.
From experience I very much doubt that the new Z lenses are better lenses, or more useful, or will last longer/as long etc, and I would have thought that like Apple and their machinery we would get the equivalent for the same money, or less, instead of the new system mount being the means by which Nikon hoick their prices and hoick on their prospective buyers, and at a time when already the cost of lenses is rising, dare I say it, like Covid victims, exponentially. Many are now a quite staggering rip-off- the not so Nifty 50mmZ for example!

The lenses for the Z are better or far better than the ones for the D850.
Test it, you will see...

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On photo ETS in Tree in the Wide Open challenge (1 comment in total)

This is my number one.
Well done.

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On article Nikon Z7 II initial review (774 comments in total)
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Dan DeLion: Insecure Photographers:

New Nikon pro cameras always bring out Sony owners and Canon owners equipment insecurities. All three major brands make excellent cameras with only slight marginal differences. And when truth is told, your pictures will be no better or worse regardless of which major brand you use. So, Sony and Canon guys, don’t worry about the inferiority or superiority of your brands. – It’s the skill you bring to the job, rather than the equipment, that makes the difference.

Well said.

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beavertown: Sony is overreacting to the no one would buy Z space 6II and space 7II.

Hey, I am no one and many others are no ones too.
So Sony seems to be afraid.
Think about.

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On article Sony a7S III initial review (2477 comments in total)

Hmmm, only 12MP. Nope, not for me.

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rico7578: Oh my god ! A possible game changer !
Better optical quality then previous Art 85mm lens (which was one of the best already !), much more compact, less expensive then native lens.
Congrats Sigma !

Oh, you already know that the new lens is better than the old 85mm Art?

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GarysInSoCal: A quote from this article: 'a lightweight and compact body,” a combination which has long been difficult to achieve'.

Are you freakin serious???... it's double the size... twice as heavy... AND... 3 times more expensive than my very sharp Nikon 85 F1.8... which was made 10 years ago... LOL

You forgot: The Nikon Z 85/1.8 is also better than the Sony.

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io rep: Ah so they finally learned nikons tactic

Thats nikons shtick. "demand" blah blah "delay" blah blah blah.

Not only Nikons tactic.
Every brand does the same.

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Why not 24-200 mm like Nikon?

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zakk9: The fact that the Z6 comes so close to the Sony here is a big win for Nikon. The Nikon is a first generation camera, while the Sony is on its third. In addition, Nikon's user interface and ergonomics are well known home territories for millions of users. Add to that a very promising lens lineup for the Z-mount and the future looks quite bright for Nikon.

For some of us dinosaurs, Nikon offers another strength too:
I can use the same lenses for my Nikon film, Nikon DSLR and Nikon Z bodies, and all three options are still fully supported.

Who uses AF-D lenses with the Nikon Z?
I mean... really there are better choices.

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fPrime: I've seen all the reviews (Matt and Jared's included) and it is clear, that while improved in v3.0, Nikon's mirrorless AF is still dead last compared to both Canon and Sony's AF.

Where Nikon's AF is at today is the minimum performance Z should have had upon launch. That's sad considering that the Z's came out in late 2018.

@fprime my friend.

Did you eat something bad and now have to throw up the stuff here?
Poor boy...

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On article Nikon Z7 Review (4473 comments in total)
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NordquistSNY: Only problem about the Z7 and Z6 reviews and being awarded gear of the year, is that it makes me, and possibly many other readers extremely skeptical about the DPReview reviews now and in the future. It seems the reviews are more of a selling pitch, rather than a real independant neutral objective review of what is current and for real, and more of what may happen in the future or what was hoped to exist. Real shame, and I am sure that other review sites will benefit from this exodus or disbelief in DPReview as their first source of info and reviews.


No friends?
Unhappy childhood?

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On article Nikon Z7 Review (4473 comments in total)
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Fiduratur: Sorry Nikon I can't get over that banding at this price.
Pushing shadows and nightshots are FF key features.

Put on your glasses.

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On article Nikon Z7 Review (4473 comments in total)
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NordquistSNY: I am not really sure about the arguments .. Z7 good for landscapes and bad AF. Landscape photoghraphers may just buy it. So, what about the Z6 supposedly for faster action .. same bad AF!! Who would buy it?

I think if either of these cameras were produced by any other than Nikon or Canon, they would have been shredded to pieces by reviews.

You again?
Deepest condolences.

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On article Nikon Z7 Review (4473 comments in total)
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roseblood11: The Z7 is a competitor for the Sony A7R2. Small buffer, small battery, one card slot... But the Sony had better AF back in 2015. Today it sells for less than half the prize of the Z7.
Is it really true that max. shutter speed with EFCS is only 1/2000 ??!? Even my Nex-5n could use its max. speed (1/4000).
The Nikon has good ergonomics and a great Sony sensor, but the rest is just outdated.
After the Z7 was released, I ordered my A7R2, for 1265€.
The Nikon lenses look quite promising. 14-30 is a good choice of focal length. The 24-70 seems to be better than Sonys f4 lens (which needs an update), and both primes are interesting as well. 1.8/35 is a good compromise - Sonys 1.4 is huge and the 2.8 is too expensive. Around 50mm, I'd prefer the Sony Zeiss 55mm because of the size, but Nikons 1.8/50 is a great performer, too - and cheaper.
Nikon, we're waiting for a Z7mk2, a Z8 and maybe an aps-c Z5 (mirrorless version of the D5600).

You too?
OMG, also Sony?
When will you finally get smarter?

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On article Nikon Z7 Review (4473 comments in total)
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NordquistSNY: I waited several years for the long expected Nikon mirrorless.

It arrived at last in 2018 .. and was a big disappointment .. Z7 and Z6.

The Nikon Z7 and Z6 were not competitive with, the already successful, Sony a7RIII, a7III, as well as the sporty a9.

They came with a new, long-awaited, Z-mount, which is the future for Nikon lenses, and a several years road map for lens change-over.

I tested the Z7 twice at least, and when compared to the a7RIII, it felt like a pale imitation. It lacked the finesse and the speed of AF, the customization, and above all the available lenses. It was also bigger and heavier.

That’s when I decided to move to Sony, and I was not disappointed ..

You ?
OMG !!!

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Auricom 007: Bet the Nikon D6 with its superior focusing acquisitions capabilities wont suffer the same fate with its glorious 3 focusing modules working symergystically as if the gods themselves blessesld humankind with the proverbial mana. Yes the Nikon D6 willy just blaze on by this Cankn 1dxiii like the tortoise blazed on by the pesky rabbitses. Sony a9 is D6's next victim. Flappy mirror flap one more time!

Now not Nikon has a fault, it is CANON WITH A FAULT.

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