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On article Mid-range Mirrorless camera roundup (2013) (296 comments in total)

Ineresting here that the title of the article is about G6 review and I don't see something like this. Article have few informations like comon anounce about G6 And the comments is all the world around about but not G6. It is a Olimpus fan group. About Fujifilm vs. Olimpus. Something about Canon Eos M and many others including Sony NEX and Samsung NX but nothing about G6. Is a big disappointment becose I come here to find something new, interesting or triks about G6 and I read with much ptience all 205 comments for nothing.

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Alexhou: NFC-aided Wi-Fi ? could i pay for on bus by using G6?

Not with today G6. You must have a smart camera, with an operation system, android or iOS, like Nikon c800 or Samsung galaxy one and NFC ofcorse moore. But be sure until the end of this year you have one camera like this.

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MrTritium: Damn, still no mechanical stabilisation , why? A lot of people will propably use the G6 with the non-stabilized 14/2.5, 20/1.7 or 25/1.4.
The OMD is one step ahead.

Or mayby Canon and Nikon use optical viewfinder with pentaprism, that mean the superlative in the viewfinder quality image, and in this case the sensor-shift stabilization is not operational for the viewfinder image. That why Canon and Nikon use lens stabilization, not in body sensor-shift one. I don't look in the Pentax, Sony, Casio, Olympus or others in body stabilization users but when I look in a Nikon viewfinder with a long tele lens, like a 500 or 600 mm VR and half-press the shutter the imege freze in viewfinder, especialy for long distans subjects. For Panasonic mirrorless system was possible to use in body stabilizations but maybe they are conservative with DSLR style whitch they start in the dslr-world, L1 and L10, that not bad camera and have in lens stabilization. And use this stabilization in all the category of the cameras today and I think is one of the best stabilization of the day especialy with last 5-ways power ois in compact class and video cameras.

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On article Samsung Galaxy Camera in-depth review (82 comments in total)

I don't andertand what exactly the level of remote control of the camera is posible with an android device like a phone or tablets. I see in all the demo and review that it posible to remote control the camera by voice, that is very nice feature. But we can't see the composition of an picture in life view to adjust and optimise it, in case we make group autoportret, that mean it posible to have a half of head in final picture.
I see this feature is diponible in panasonic sz10. An accesible price camera with wi-fi feature like this. And posible in the future avaible in tz40.
I don't tolk about the eye-fi card witch all the camera can share the picture and movie instantly. I own one and try it with an old nikon d40 or compact camera like panasonic tz1. And work. But I want to know what is the level to control the camera. The shooting parameters and, very important the zoom of the lenses remotely by an wi-fi device like a tablet. Of corse compact camera with fixed lens.

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Is a very strong configuration. I'm a FZ fan by long time, begining with fz18 and fz50, but I don't buy one until now becose every time there was other priority. I'm own of 4 dslr now and few lenses for this class. I want to buy fz 48 but it was the new fz100. I was a luky don't buy it becose have very bad feedback. But we have new fz150 that have not broblems. But until I can buy it, we have a new one, fz200. This one is very good for me in sports. Now I use for my picture a D300 and D5100 with 70-200 f/2,8 and 24-70 f/2,8 and for wide tamron 18-50 f/2,8. But for me is to weight all this equipment and I want this fz200 to have all in one. And again, until I can buy it I change my mind. Not for the fz200 becose that is clear tha best, but becose I see that the most of camera manufacturers start to wi-fi controled camera. And now I'm waiting for the new fz300 wi-fi controled and whay not with NFC, GPS, Bluetooth, G3/G4 and others.

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Timmbits: It is saddening to see such nice optics be put onto such a tiny sensor. It kind of defeats the purpose... as one is cancelling out much of the gains from the other.
It is starting to be insulting, seeing manufacturers still offering a JOKE of a sensor, and taking the entire market for imbeciles who apparently don't understand the benefit of a larger sensor.

Realy the optics is such tiny like the sensor. That explain this price of 500$. If you try to put a little bit bigger sensor in this configuration, you will see that is necessary to enlarge the optics. Look how bigger is the lens for 1/1.7" but for a smoller focal lens. Look to micro for third sistem, that mean about 1/1,33" sensor and will see the biggest focal lens is 200 mm but don't wish to 2.8 aperture. If you go up in APS-C sensor world, you will see lens about 2-3.5 Kg and much of 500 mm longer for big focal lens of 500-600 mm and so bigger price, 10.000-12.000$. But again there is not 2,8 aperture. Max. f4. And if a lens maker insist to produce a 2,8 aperure at 500 mm focal lens it result a lens so big like one or two 20L water recipient. Look to Sigma 200-500 mm f2.8 at 25.000$ and may be understand why for this litle tiny plastic 25-600 mm f2,8 lens of fz200 there is not the possibility to have a biger sensor like this tiny 1/2,33" one.

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On article Panasonic announces DMC-ZS30 and DMC-ZS25 cameras (30 comments in total)

I think is the first camera with zoom remote capability by wi-fi. As I know there is no one camera with this capability until this tz40. I'm waiting for an fz with capability like that. But ofcorse with fz200 lens and why not with bluetooth, nfc and high speed in hd slowmotion. Something like 200 or just 400 fps.

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On article Dpreview Users' Poll: Best Camera of 2012? (1507 comments in total)

I think you missed Panasonic FZ-200. I wish to have one.

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On photo Sweet dreams....! in the Overload! challenge (1 comment in total)

Sweet dreams like sweet dreams ... I think for photografer, because the man in the picture, ... I don't wana be i his place.

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