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I once bumped the front of my Canon 24-105 so that the UV filter cracked near the middle and I couldn't get it off until I could get my hands on some tools. I continued taking photos all day, and the effect of the broken filter was essentially undetectable.

Ever since then, I have only bought cheap filters :)

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VadymA: And some people get agitated from a tiny speck they find inside their glass. This article should give them peace of mind.

I learned about this one time when I was on a trip. I bumped my Canon 24-105. The UV filter on it cracked, and jammed on the lens so I couldn't remove it. I continued shooting with it, and afterwards the photos were fine.

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The problem is that IBIS is a basic feature important to people who are not speed demon photographers, and included on basic models in other brands such as the Olympus Em10. Sony forces you to buy their most expensive model to get it.

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vladimir vanek: what the...? I mean, what's wrong with the world today? Do we need hundreds of phone models in every tenth of inch of screen diagonal? flat, round, black, red, white, blue, with this and that OS, with all sorts of resolutions. one with LED flash, another one with dual LED, and a third one with bi-color dual LED. oh yes, and a xenon of course. those with 8 mpix, 10 mpix, 13 mpix, a water resistant one, crush resistant, made of plastic, made of metals, made of glass... And most importantly, a new one every few months? why don't they make a flawless design, say in 5 different specs and that's it? cooperation instead of competition? and focus on more important things, like saving the planet, feeding people and living happy lives without all those twitters and facebooks even in our bedrooms? sorry for my essay, I'm just tired of this neverending competition that brings nothing but pulling out some money out of everyone's pocket as often as possible.

Your idea has been tried. It was called the Soviet Union, and most people who lived there didn't like it.

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SirSeth: Looks ugly to some below, but to me it looks like a very comfortable/practical photographic tool. Doesn't look worse than anything Canon makes. ;) The hand grip as reported is function over form (unlike so many micro grips that are small form over function). Also, for a right eye shooter it looks very nicely sculpted for us. I can even see the touch pad AF working out for right eye shooters. Left eye shooters with LCD out might work too.

What I'll be curious to find out is: 1. what will the street price be? 2. Does it have multi-aspect sensor like GH2? 3. Is the high ISO really better? 4. What battery? 5. How does video compare to GH2.

Should be interesting.

The battery is the same as the GH2:

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Ibida Bab: Just rolled some film through my Pentax ZX5n. Works like day one, fresh out of the box. When I bought it it was like $600 with the lens, Made in Japan quality, always ultra reliable.
Nowadays: excuses, bs, Chinese crap, overpriced plastic from almost all camera makers. Does anyone trying to put out an honest good camera these days, or it is all about selling the most garbage to the most people?

Well, my ZX-5n's shutter died after about 20 rolls of film, half a year out of warranty. That's about 500 pictures. That was overpriced plastic crap, IMHO.

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As I'm both a photographer and a law student, I found this quite fascinating. I agree that the judgment is a little bit surprising, but if you read the judge's words you will see that there is some logic to them. The issue is not really about the right of anybody to make such a photograph. Indeed, in arguments at the trial, the defendants showed evidence that many other similar images had been taken. However, the judge believed that the defendants only sought out these other images after they had seen Fielder's photo. Their fault lay in the fact that it was Fielder's photo that gave them the idea, which they would not otherwise have come up with. Suppose somebody gets a rough sketch for a house design from an architect, likes it, and then goes to a different architect with it to design the actual house. Shouldn't the first architect be compensated for the idea? They are being asked to pay for stealing an idea, not for copying a photo.

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