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  • CFexpress cards type A are THREE times more expensive than other CFexpress cards. So unless money is of no issue to you, then go for it.
    And by the way I own the R5 and never had an overheating...

  • So why would DPreview state this as the # 1 negative for the Sony A1???
    Rear screen a bit small, low-res against similarly priced competitors
    30fps bursts only available in JPEG/HEIF/lossy...

  • Leitz again this makes no sense. First, you can't magnify the viewfinder and second the viewfinder is tiny compared to rear screen. Listen there's a reason why DPreview indicated that the LOW...

  • Unfortunately the Canon R5 is still in the #1 spot.

  • Leitz, that’s like saying I don’t want to see how sharp my shots are. Makes no sense. Thanks anyway.

  • DPReview "Rear screen a bit small, low-res against similarly priced competitors."
    What sticks out like a sore thumb is LOW-RESOLUTION. Listen my advice is for to checkout your self and compare....

  • The differences between Sony, Nikon & Canon is really small, so folks who are heavily invested in their lenses would be very hesitant to jump ship. Hence sales should continue with all three of...

  • Like I said Sony menus are still lacking behind the competition as explained in DP Review article. And if your going to pay $ 6,500.00 w/tax - $ 7,000.00 that a lot of money for something lacking...

  • I live in NY and went from Nikon, tried and rented the Sony and finally went with Canon. And ever so often I go to B&H and venture into the Sony booth and check out the latest & greatest Sony...

  • I live in NY and ever so often I go to B&H and venture into the Sony booth and check the latest & greatest Sony cameras for years now. And I could never understand why Sony back screen seem so...

  • As the con's are state in DPreview
    -Rear screen a bit small, low-res against similarly priced competitors

  • Menus still remind me of Nokia phones of the 90's. Sony's needs to improve this if they expect to keep competing with Canon.

  • Mike 3 stops is a big difference in my books. Just as you need 10 more shots per second I need my 3 stops difference. End of story. Thanks for your input but we all have our preferences.

  • Thanks Rubberdial I owned the R5 and can attest to getting super sharp shots at night at 1s interval which is more than enough for me. The key is SUPER sharp shots with no noise. That's all.

  • I get the feeling that when this Canon EOS R3 with a CMOS stack sensor comes out, it will leave the A1 in the dust. For example the IBIS on the R5 can get up to 8 stops of image stabilization. Sony...

  • RubberDials he's basically alerting to fact that your paying a lot for those small difference regardless of brand name.

  • This is exactly what i love about YouTube reviewers. You can tell the differences between the pixel peeping nerds and real photographers. And believe me there's quite a big difference.

  • Yes, i don't even need 10 frames per second. I only shoot sports on rare occasions and if I do I can manage to get the shot at 10fps.

  • That exactly what i posted before. Sony has inadvertently given Canon a boost in sales with folks who were waiting for the A7R5. I know of several people who use Canon glass on their Sony cameras....

  • Photoman the R5 has only 2% difference in camera rating according to DPreview, yet it cost 40% more. The only fever I feel is of the folks sweating out the justification for spending that much...

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