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On article Teardown reveals Sony image sensors in iPhone 7 (90 comments in total)
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CheersUK: Camera phones are so yesterday. Instant film is where its at!

can you make a call with that camera? Surf the web, watch a movie, text, ... etc?

Link | Posted on Sep 24, 2016 at 05:08 UTC
On article ESPN publishes iPhone 7 Plus photos from US Open (359 comments in total)
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tom1234567: Apple should pay there TAXES 13billion they owe the Irish Gov:
so why is DPR promoting crooks, Tax evaders
and the IPhone 7 cost no more than £50 to make
Apple is just a Greedy, Greedy spyware company
how much they paying DPR for pushing there extortionate priced phone
like many others just not interested.
where is the Latest review on the Fuji X-T2 a proper camera

Tom G

"Apple should pay there TAXES 13billion they owe the Irish Gov:"

In case you miss it, the Irish government is appealing this decision by EU because they don't want the money. According to current law, not set by Apple, it is legal to do what Apple, and many other international companies, do.

Link | Posted on Sep 13, 2016 at 18:50 UTC
On article ESPN publishes iPhone 7 Plus photos from US Open (359 comments in total)
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steelski: I honestly think the pictures look oversaturated, oversharpened and a bit crappy. I guess it's good for a phone. But for the price, I still think people are getting mugged by their loyalty to this overhyped brand. A decent point and shoot would be better for these photos IMO.

Do you know it is a phone, first and foremost, that happens to have a fabulous camera? If you get the dual lens 7 plus, you can take portaits with shallow depth of field and a great bokeh. Which pocketable P&S can do that and how much does that cost as a camera "alone?"

Link | Posted on Sep 13, 2016 at 15:06 UTC
On article Apple unveils iPhone 7 and dual-cam iPhone 7 Plus (946 comments in total)
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KW Phua: If Canon and Nikon employ Apple software engineer, we will have a much better camera.

I also think that Apple understands photograph's needs better and they design their software and hardware to specifically address those. Nikon and Canon have camera engineers who think like geeks and their top management has no clue how to make photography easier and better for all.

Link | Posted on Sep 8, 2016 at 20:37 UTC
On article Apple unveils iPhone 7 and dual-cam iPhone 7 Plus (946 comments in total)
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Cdog: Looks awesome. Strange why there wasn't a mention of RAW when so much emphasis was made on image quality.
And did I hear that only the iPhone 7 is capable of RAW DNG? That doesn't make sense. It's a software/firmware issue, not hardware. All phones capture RAW already of course as that's the info it uses to process the JPEG's, if it's in the new IOS there's no reason why it wouldn't work on the old phones.
This RAW functionality is the most exciting part of this all and yet little to no mention. Strange.

"And did I hear that only the iPhone 7 is capable of RAW DNG?"

Yes. And they also point out how fast the Adobe software can process RAW in the new iPhone. Thus Apple has waited until now to introduce RAW processing because they believe they have the processing power, app support, and software to make this as easy and efficient as possible.

Link | Posted on Sep 7, 2016 at 22:00 UTC
On article Apple unveils iPhone 7 and dual-cam iPhone 7 Plus (946 comments in total)
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Robert Holloway: Hilarious responses below. I remember when the iPhone was first introduced in 2007 and people saying it was junk in comparison with their Point & Shoot camera because it was better quality. Well P&S cameras are sure selling fast!

Mark these words, this is the most important photographic announcement in 2016 and here is why. It's because an f1.8 optical zoom combined with bokeh is the next leap forward on smart phones that are already killing vast sections of the camera market. For most people, that is already good enough, for many more it's another reason they don't need to carry a second device.

Samsung and others will have their versions on the market in months, the iPhone 7s smaller version will have it and soon, this technology will be in millions of people's hands and pockets.

Does the 7+ replace my a7r2 with a Zeiss 35/1.4? No, but as a second, go any where camera, it may be perfect. For many it will be perfect - period. Oh yeah, it's also waterproof!

Or the true tone flash, which now can now read flickering from indoor lighting to adjust accordingly. Wider dynamic range, better color rendition, ... etc .

This shows that Apple seems to understand what is really important for photographers more so than all these traditional camera makers, and it is pathetic that these "old companies" are still struggling to make an user-friendly menu, touch interface, or wireless connectivity. Why doesn't Apple just make a real dedicated camera to put all these other companies out of their miseries?

Link | Posted on Sep 7, 2016 at 21:54 UTC
On article Rebel in your pocket: Canon EOS M3 Review (462 comments in total)

While M3 is far from the top of the line as a mirrorless camera, it will serves Canon shooters well when they need a smaller camera system using the same APS-C sensor. Currently there is no such option for Nikon shooters, and the "new" D3400 is not a mirrorless camera as some have predicted/hoped. Thus more Nikon shooters will continue to buy mirrorless cameras made by others ...

Link | Posted on Aug 17, 2016 at 16:04 UTC as 66th comment
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tbcass: Other than DOF I think this could have been taken with a cell phone.

"I found this. Some nice shots here. Scroll down..."

5th picture down, proof that cell phone can do action, and GIF (Girl-in-flight) in particular!

Link | Posted on Jul 6, 2016 at 19:32 UTC

I too find the new design too bright, especially when I first saw it. Is it psychological because I anticipated a black background? Not sure, the the site seems juts too bright. I wonder why I feel this way, even though many other sites I visit frequently also have a white background. so I went to the New York Times web sit. There it also has a white background but it does not feel so bright. I think the reason is that these news sites are packed with words and images so there is less blank white space. So I think this web site can be further improved to reduce glare.

Link | Posted on Jun 27, 2016 at 15:26 UTC as 30th comment | 1 reply
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cdembrey: Once again we are forced to buy a kit, with an unwanted kit zoom.

Guess I'll wait for a Body Only to become available. Meh!

In Canada, you get most of these as body only. Order when the exchange rate is favorable to save a few more bucks. I live in TX USA and have ordered an EM10-II body only from them — great price and service.

Link | Posted on Jun 15, 2016 at 14:47 UTC

If the lens does not have an AF/MF switch, does GX85 have way to program a button to turn AF on and off? This is important for some to shoot videos when we can acquire the focus by AF and then quickly locking it by the press of a button or flipping a switch.

Link | Posted on Jun 15, 2016 at 14:42 UTC as 61st comment | 2 replies
On article Fast telezoom: Sigma 50-100mm F1.8 sample images (164 comments in total)

I would rather see Sigma make a nice AND compact f2.8 zoom to make the APSC format more portable without too much compromised in IQ. The size advantage of the APSC system will all but disappear when you put a big and heavy lens over it. Does the gain in low light ISO and shallow DOF really worth the trade off? If one really needs these properties, get a full frame system.

Link | Posted on Jun 10, 2016 at 20:48 UTC as 18th comment | 2 replies
On article Mosh pits and sunsets: Shooting with the Panasonic GX85 (146 comments in total)
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vesa1tahti: How would you compare this with E-M10 II? Is there any difference in IQ? Thanks.

they use essentially the same sensor. as always the video quality from Panasonic is always noticeably better than Olympus and now GX85 can do 4k. EM10 II is not bad as a 1080p camera.

Link | Posted on Jun 7, 2016 at 18:40 UTC
On article Pentax K-1 Pixel Shift: An update (96 comments in total)

It seems most appropriate to test the gear with the bundled software as this is how the manufacturer has, in theory, optimized their gears for. Adobe can be tested for how well their RAWs can be processed by a man stream software but this is not a substitute for getting the best images possible from the cameras. Due to how Adobe implements the cloud subscription to their software, I am seriously considering switching to an alternative so whether Adobe is main stream or not does it matter to me.

Link | Posted on Jun 2, 2016 at 17:35 UTC as 21st comment | 1 reply
On article Making a splash: Nikon D500 real-world sample gallery (228 comments in total)
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Steve in GA: The high quality of these photos make me wonder:

If Nikon APS-C has gotten this good, why would I ever want to ditch my current Nikon APS-C gear and move to full-frame?

The Nikon marketing is telling you and many others that the FF is the next logical step for an "upgrade" and they do not make as many DX only lenses to realize the great promise of the APSC platform -- near FF IQ but in a smaller package.

Those concert shots are just amazing that there is no ugly noise at very high Iso and no highlight blown out. What a wonderful sensor!!!

Link | Posted on May 3, 2016 at 14:34 UTC
On article Accessory Review: Peak Design Slide Camera Sling strap (146 comments in total)

Would be nice to see a whole body shot of the photographer carrying the camera to make it easier to see how one carries the camera with this, as compared to a more conventional next strap.

Link | Posted on May 1, 2016 at 21:43 UTC as 51st comment | 3 replies
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Jim Salvas: It would be nice if it allowed direct uploads to Apple's iCloud, where I have a lot more storage space than I have on my mobile devices.

Yes they do. It is Amazon that has issues with RAW files from some manufacturers.

Link | Posted on Apr 19, 2016 at 02:29 UTC
On article Upwardly mobile: Sony a6300 Review (2163 comments in total)
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markie_jan61: USB charging is a deal-breaker, regardless of a camera's capabililties.

Don't know why Sony continues to travel down that road.

Do you own any smartphone or Tablet that already uses USB charging? If so, you would appreciate that they can now be all charged with the same cable, which helps a lot packing for traveling. It seems stupid in this day and time that each piece of electronic equipment comes with different size and shape cable and charger, which does pretty much the same thing.

Link | Posted on Apr 6, 2016 at 22:46 UTC

I wish Dpreview can test the bokeh more. The few we that can see here (e.g. the first 4 or 5 head/shoulder shots) show busy bokeh. However, these were shot with backlighting and with foliage in the back, which are challenging for most lenses to render these smoothly. Would be nice to see how it compares to the much more expensive Zeiss under the same condition. The sharpness is OK, but wide open at f1.8 seems a bit soft. Thus while the cost of this lens is quite reasonable, I think the Nikon 50/1.8 G does better in both the areas of sharpness and bokeh and they are comparably priced.

Before I looked up to see who authored this piece, I told myself it must be Rishi. Why, because of the so many back-lighted shots. I would rather see more regular shots with a wide variety of backgrounds to make it easier to see how the lens handles color saturation, contrast, bokeh, etc, in more "normal" conditions.

Link | Posted on Apr 1, 2016 at 20:14 UTC as 68th comment

Finally!.. Hopefully this is the beginning of SONY to build a set of affordable FE prime lenses that are good enough for the mass. There is already an affordable 28mm lens, so if SONY can make an affordable 85/1.8, we will then have an affordable 3-prime set that makes the whole A7 package small and relatively inexpensive. When that happens it will be the beginning for the SONY FE mount to begin to chip away from current dSLR FF offerings. Finally.

Link | Posted on Mar 29, 2016 at 20:52 UTC as 40th comment | 11 replies
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