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ozturert: Agreed 100%. This alone shows (proves?) already-excellent lens collection in m43 system. An excellent lens like this Sigma has hard time to justify (except from f1.4 aperture).
16mm f1.4 makes more sense in Sony E system though.

This also means that m4/3 does not have enough of a market for Sigma to make a native version of the lens, which could be sized and priced properly for m4/3 cameras.

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piratejabez: I've been a regular reader for over a decade, this is actually the very first time I've been baffled by the award methodology/results. It seems clear that the Panasonic bests the Olympus in several ways, is quite a bit cheaper, AND is praised as a highly capable photographic tool throughout the review, with few complaints. I would have thought that it earned a Gold award based on its own merits as well as its place in today's market, and not severely penalized because its nearest competitor, also a good camera, has been around for a year.

All that means is that the bar is higher now since models with similar feature sets have been around for a while. The Gold rating should be reserved for a model that sets a new standard for others to follow. I am a long time m4/3 user, but I don't see G9 to be a model like that today. I think the Silver rating is very fair for G9.

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You know G9 is for the pro because it has no built-in flash ... Hope we can see a more consumer-oriented model (=cheaper, smaller, lighter) soon. This rush to get the pro market is not helping the general consumers.

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"As amateur film-makers, we would have loved to have seen an image stabilized variant"

While I agree, we should also note that all key Panasonic lenses are lens-stabilized ...

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This lens looks compact enough and hopefully won't be too expensive. They will fill an important gap in the APS-C world, the lack of compact fast and affordable wide angle prime lens, which Canon, Nikon and SONY all ignore. Hope a Nikon version will come soon ...

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BarnET: Out of all the lenses where E-mount is lacking. Sony picks the one position where E-mount wasn't lagging.

Nikon and Canon are doing the exact same thing ... Sad.

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108: For a little 4/3 format I find the result pretty good , AF and IQ . Some complain of the noise at 3200 iso but just downsample to 3400 , roughly enough for an A4 print , and add a little denoise , now that wouldn't pass the test for a half-page in a College paper or an internet newsletter ??https://www.dpreview.com/galleries/9301240652/photos/3719780/g9basket2f

The images shot by G9 here are not as clean and crisp as those done by a Nikon FF or D500.

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Make one for Nikon mount please! Better yet make a f1.8 version to lower the price and the size of the lens.

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Dr Blackjack: Sony A7ii???

As a Sony fan and user... why? You list stabilization being great for stills and photos, but that's much more M43 territory. A7ii is a great camera for a huge range of purposes, but I'm not sure if it's particularly good at parents' unique needs. Even within 2 Sony picks I'd choose the relatively speedy and megacheap A6000 and then the stabilized,touch,front-LSI A6500.

Considering the cost of the camera and the lens, and the weight of the whole set, a FF system is really not ideal for the “general” parents out there. An APS-C sensor in a compact inexpensive package makes much more sense as a great compromise.

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TW14: you can't beat D7500 in this list as camera for parent.

Not the best for "traveling."

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On article 2017 Buying Guide: Best cameras for parents (128 comments in total)

As a Nikon shooter, many years ago I bought a m4/3 camera for traveling with kids. However, as m4/3 makers today continue to focuse on building more pro oriented ,=heavier, bigger, expensive, gears, if I were to do it today, I too would buy an M6, and hope that more compact inexpensive fast prime lens can come out. There is still a large gap between smartphone and top level FF cameras and M6 is the type of cameras that most regular folks would love to have.

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Absolutic: As a parent of incredibly unpredictable 5 year old (who never sits still, even if eating) and can run and jump for hours (where does the energy come from) this is a topic that should have had an entire forum
Dedicated to. You do need top
Of the line autofocus for this child to have any chance. One issue not mentioned in the article I found is in addition to not have a third hand to carry the camera when two hands are busy with carrying everything else, I’ve noticed
That carrying a large DSLR with lens, my nevetstopping kid kept injuring himself bumping into the lens/camera. It happened repeatedly and constantly when he wanted to hang next to me and camera swinging from my shoulder would hit him hard. Hanging camera at my waist or on my neck did make a difference, he would find it to bump into. Switching to smaller gear clearly helps.

Face/eye priority AF on mirrorless cameras is the best tool to track kids with unpredictable movement.

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Androole: Now the question is...

Who is going to be the first traditional camera company to come out with a DPAF 1/2.3" sensor and smartphone-quality image processor to allow Auto HDR and bokeh simulations with a pocketable ~24-200mm "travel zoom."

It would be amazing to have the flexibility of real optical zoom with the computational image quality that is starting to be demonstrated in smartphones.

(One can dream...)

Or for a traditional camera makers to make their UIs and image processing in the camera a quarter as good as these phones?

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On article 2017 Buying Guides: Best compacts, drones and phones (13 comments in total)

Missing here are cameras that can be used under water, which is an unique category of cameras that are great for family vacation. Top cameras in this category includes Nikon AW300 and Olympus TG-5, and this is really where compact camera still has a niche.

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lotzi: As with many people here, I find that this news about using photojournalism-class, off-the-shelf cameras and lenses for taking pictures on the space station is more a public relations move. Price is irrelevant in a situation where the cost of sending cargo to the space station is in the $20,000 / pound range.

"use $6000 off-the-shelf cameras."

This means someone has already spent decades of time and millions in R&D to come up with a camera that fit NASA's needs for "just" $6,000.

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Richmondthefish: hey guys, i just won powerball and id like to start a youtube channel shooting videos of my cats sleeping. should i get the iphone X or 65mm IMAX for best quality????

Do you already have a modern smartphone? If you do, you can use it for great results, which is the point of this post.

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On article Sigma's new 16mm F1.4 will cost $450, ships this month (359 comments in total)

A 16/1.8 for Nikon and Canon APSC dSLR for <$350 please! Better yet, can you make a 16/2.8 pancake for $350? We need smaller and still good enough lens or we will just wait for the Smartphone to get better and better ...

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On article Panasonic Lumix G9 sample gallery (147 comments in total)

Wish there were more people pictures under normal light to better assess how G9 handles skin tone.

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On article Canon EF-M 22mm F2 STM sample gallery (176 comments in total)

Remind me of the Panasonic 20/1.8 for the m3/4 system, which is lovely and the key reason that has kept me in the m3/4 team ...

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