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Buy a prime. Or, instead, travel far away with your camera. The lens you have is enough to learn a lot about photographic vision. Shoot RAW. Remember, you take the photo. The camera just records it. Be happy.

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brightncheerful: I bought some of the Nik collection and used them very occasionally. Subsequently I got a new computer and used the opportunity to prune unwanted applications. When google offered the entire collection for free, I downloaded the lot but again only used some and then only very occasionally. I wondered too whether they were really free or just a ploy by google to penetrate my photo collection and feed more advertising my way. Anyhow, only last week I unistalled all but the HDR to free up space on my HD. Also I got the Nik upoint app but found it too fiddly for my requirements.

i won't be buying from DXO - I have a policy of not buying from what I describe as 'latch on' businesses. Years of discovering I have wasted money through being taken in by the hype have taught me that it is better I stick to industry standard software even though I might never use most of the features.

Surely, you missed the point about Nik soft. And the HDR is not the best of it. Have you tried Silver Effect, really?
Happy New Year, friend.

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On photo Electric typewriter in the Old Household Tech challenge (2 comments in total)

I believe the Lettera 32 was completely mechanical, not an electric typewriter. Regards.

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totunu: Anyway, this is a solution just for the body, because many of the old lens are not designed for digital use. I have not experience with Nikon, but I have tested few old lens and an adapter for Canon. After testing, I see that the cheapest digital Canon lens, are delivering much higher image quality. After testing, I drop in a box all my old lenses and the adapter. All my hopes about reusing old gear is ended.

Strange. I use various old AI (pre-autofocus) Nikkors with a D5000 together with modern lenses, and see no difference in quality, they are really sharp. Using only the central area of the lenses helps improve this. And Canon lenses are no less sharp than Nikon, I'm sure. Regards.

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On photo dcf_4436 in the Forest challenge (1 comment in total)

IMHO this is absolutely NOT a forest. A nice photo, nevertheless.

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On article Flickr poised for much-needed interface improvements (81 comments in total)
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Jim Salvas: I hope they keep it simple. Forgetting the KISS rule is the most common mistake websites make when trying to improve.

For me, the one change I'd like to see is to allow me to choose all photos shown on the first page of my photostream. Last first is not often what I want to show.

This would be VERY nice, indeed.

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