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This new lens road map just made my day! The 16mm & 90mm will be on my shopping list. After 25+ years shooting both Canon & Nikon (more Nikon than Canon) I was hesitant to jump to Fuji. I thought, "nobody can compete with Canon & Nikon"! Now, I not only could care less about what Canon & Nikon releases, I could care less if I ever hear there names again!

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forpetessake: It looks like Fuji is betting on lenses rather than bodies. Their lens offering looks great, their bodies suck. The enthusiasts put lenses ahead of the bodies, the general public does the opposite. I wonder if Fuji will be able to make enough money of the tiny enthusiast niche.

I've owned more Nikon's and Canon's than I can remember (D700, 7D, 5D's, you name it). When I switched to the Fuji X-Pro 1 I was worried I was making a big mistake. A year later, I can honestly say this is the finest camera I have ever owned and I have been shooting for over 25 years. With the lenses on the new lens road map, I can safely say Nikon and Canon have see the last dime of mine they will ever see!

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On article Canon EOS 6D sample images added to hands-on preview (252 comments in total)

These samples look great! Really, very clean with great colors. In many ways this would be the perfect camera for me. Certainly some things held back from the 5D Mark III but most I can live with. Only one thing will keep me from buying it: The 1/4000th top shutter speed! Much like the Nikon D600, why in the heck would you cripple a $2,000+ camera by not having a top speed of 1/8000th?! Most people won't use such high speeds often. But many lesser cameras have it. No excuses for this!

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For $799 with the 22mm lens I might grab one. My only big question is that the preview says the new flash will be included in "some" markets. I hope the U.S. is included.

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I have a Canon 7D and several lenses. But with the size & price of this combined with the added bonus of weather sealing I have a strong feeling I will be picking one of these up along with the 18-135mm WA. What a great, lightweight & weatherproof second kit this will make!

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This is exactly what I was waiting to see before purchasing an X10. Major improvement! Now, I just need to wait awhile to ensure that when I buy a brand new X10 that it will be with the new sensor. Not sure if this has been mentioned by Fuji, but will there be a way to know if a new camera has the old or new sensor (serial number, sticker on the box, ect..)?

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