Frank Thomassen

Frank Thomassen

Lives in Norway Central-N, Norway
Works as a Amateurphotographer
Joined on Jun 17, 2010
About me:

To share photographic impressions from
different environments / locations , both
from my own contry ,and other contries
as well. It may well be, that some of these pictures are not "brand new". This does not really matters at all, since every picture shown in the "Gallery" grows older , year by year.
To end this comments : If You ( the visitor in "my Gallery" (Franks Gallery)) hope to find interesting / funny faces, strange acting persons or inappropriate situations, then I can for sure say, that THIS is not the
gallery for you. A typical visitor of
"my" gallery, is first of all interested in "picture composing" by using the
well known (and traditional ) rules for
how to make an interesting photo.
And aslo it will probably include some
examples of how to MAKE a picture,
by means of different editors / tools.
Pictures that have been MADE by using that kind of post-processing / manipulating technics, will be so special,
that it will be quite obvious that I have used something more that just
an ordinary- / DSLR camera.

Frank Thomassen's current gear

Nikon D700
One of the good things with the Nikon dslr cameras , is that they can use the old Nikon-lenses , because of the famous F-mount.
Other gear:
  • Hasselblad 501 cm This is my loved mediumformat film-based camera. It is 100% mechanical, so therefor it works all the time. And - it is also compatible with digital backs ...!
  • Nikon F3 My first professional Nikon-camera , was the film-based F3. I have this camera yet - and it is still working very well.

Frank Thomassen's wish list

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Other gear:
  • Digital back Since I am the happy owner of a classical Hasselblad 501 CM, I should wish to have a suitable digital back to substitute the traditional filmback, wich is on - at the moment. But this is something of less importance. Hence , I stick to the filmback , for the old Hasselblad.