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I'm trying to document life in the Ozarks, circa 2019
And I need all the advice and help I can get.


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On photo Dreamy Sunrise in the - My photo is obviously *Stunning Art* - (Full Colours Only) challenge (17 comments in total)

Please don’t try to tell me Olympus Micro Four Thirds cameras can’t take stunning photographs. This is proof the it’s the archer and not the arrow that hits the mark.


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The blue denim Olympus PL9, has a worthy competitor.

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On photo P6250146 in Robert Evagelista's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

A wonderful shot of everyday life, and joy.

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On photo 17-04-16 P1930943 Going in in Hen3ry's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

If you had to sum up the wonder of a MFT camera with one photo, I nominate this shot! Perfect composition, great image quality, and all from a little camera with a little lens, that was on the spot, to take the shot.

The big cameras back home, don't take any photos in the drawer, you know?

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On photo whats cookin in generikku's photo gallery (2 comments in total)

This is a great photo. Something about the pretty young girl busy with her work, the busy restaurant, the defocused customers, and the other employee looking away, is just magical.


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On article Just Posted: Olympus E-PL1 review (1 comment in total)

I'm learning how to use a "real" camera with my E-PL1.
While undoubtedly not the best or latest MFT, it's able to take adapters for legacy lenses, has a usable built in flash,, and takes takes beautiful photos.

IMO this is a perfect "learner" camera. Buy the "E-PL1 for Dummies" guide by Julia King, an excellent guide for beginners.

There's always time for a better camera, later.

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