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jose ordonez: I always wanted to upgrade my old Coolpix 5400 to a Rebel. After spend hours reviewing samples, I know now that my next camera will be the Nikon 3200 with Sigma 1.4.

+1 for Nikon 35mm DX.
Can't say for the Sigma 30mm.

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Interesting - modern APS-C sensor losing to an MFT sensor! Based on RAW studio samples, Olympus E-M5 has cleaner output with similar amount of detail at ISO 3200! Considering this is only modern APS-C sensor E-M5 beats, Canon really seems to have failed to improve last few years at the same pace as others.

Maybe the Hybrid AF can skew things to Canon's side for some?

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Peiasdf: I wish Fuji would have taken D800's FF sensor and put it into X-Pro1's body while dropping the OVF.

I think a lot and I mean a lot of pro and semi-pro will drop $2000~$3000 for a body like that with the good lens roadmap.

I don't think that the image quality is the lacking quality of this camera.

If its not selling as well as it could, its because of its bad autofocus speed combined with bad manual focus implementation, and lack of zoom lenses and its high price. Its lack of standard zoom further aggravates the problem of price, since most users will feel restricted with a single focal length and buying more lenses increases cost further.

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photohounds: I compared the EM-5 output to my RB76 slides/negs of old. Micro 4/3 leaves it in the dust for all BUT stupidly and unsalable wafer thin DOF. Also film latitude in negs still wins.

Usually you had to stop down RB67 to F8 to get acceptable DOF - more for landscapes (portraits were OK at F4.5).

RB-67 lenses closed down to f/45 when needed, (occasionally).
This is why large format cameras can be had for a dime on eBay - no need for dinosaurs any more and 35mm is next. History has proven it, and the oldies whined when roll film went out of fashion as "full" frame adherents do right now.

That 75/1.8 looks brilliant and is available now in OZ.
Want to sell some lenses first, though.

u4/3 helps to reduce clutter very well without real (as opposed to imagined) loss in quality.

Every few decades the film (sensor) has halved (with a 1960's blip, rejecting"movie frame' cameras like the old pen range because still film wasn't good enough. Ancient history!

@Anastigmat I am sure it is difficult to provide a good EVF in medium format cameras with such a large sensor. The best EVFs are still not better than the best 35mm or APS-C OVFs. A larger sensor makes it more difficult with the amount of heat it will generate for providing smooth continuous output.

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There is an Android app 'JustPictures!' which allows access a large number of photo services - and is not just a thumbnail viewer. The UI may not look very good, but its pretty good for showing your uploaded pictures to a friend anywhere.
(Just noticed that Tom has already mentioned it. Sorry for duplicate comment).

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abi170845: Bravo Olympus for churning out lenses, unlike SONY Nex system with non existent ultrawides and fast telephoto. I love it that Olympus is serious about this.

If it is as good as my 135mmf2 L, I think I might dump the dslr for my Dan Ballard Grand TetonTrip.

@Jon Rty - How does the larger image circle affect anything other than minimum DOF here? For a scene with given "brightness", you will use the same aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings.

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Ivanaker: I just cant understand the pricing of m43, or any mirrorless gear, it is way to much.
75 f/1.8 - $899.99
om-d - $1,299.00

on the other hand
nikon d7000 - $1,199.00
very new 85 f1.8 - $499.00

And that lens is an investment as you can venture to FX format with it.

Im glad m43 exists, some nice cameras and lenses from them, and they are pushing tech forward, and forcing Nikon, Canon, Sony, Pentax.... to make even better DSLR.
But i cant see how anyone can choose om-d + 75 1.8 when for the same money you can get d7000, 85 1.8(FX), 50 1.8(FX) and 35 1.8(DX).
And im not going even to venture into benefits of one system or another, ill give you that m43 is smaller.

Slightly wrong: D7000 is body only for $1200. OM-D is $1000 for body only.

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For portraits in sufficient light, it is best to consider it as a 75mm f/1.8 rather than the cropped sensor equivalent focal length. Portrait lenses are supposed to "flatten the perspective" and 75mm lens will show the perspective in exactly the same way no matter what the size of the sensor behind it is. And DOF will also be according to 75mm f/1.8, which is plenty shallow I believe (I have a 60mm f/2 for Nikon DX and usually have to stop down to prevent half the face from becoming blurred). Only thing the FOV equivalence with 150mm changes is the distance between subject and photographer (which incidentally, increases DOF further).

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The sensor quality looks comparable to Nikon D7000 or Sony NEX 5N.

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