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  • The difference between smartphone images and those from one inch sensor cameras is pretty evident when one starts post processing the images, there is so much more scope with one inch sensor images

  • If you want something new, are dissatisfied with what you have and think that your photography will get better you will buy the GRiii.
  • Replied in Diversity
    Took the Ricoh GR1 and the Sony RX100 III(a new buy) Used  the Sony at about 40mm and 60 mm which was a great contrast to the 28mm Ricoh as for results not that different in quality between the ...
  • It really shows the advantages of creating a body of work to communicate ones idea. 🧱
  • It’s a mess so I leave this thread to well .....moved a comment to a new thread
  • Created discussion thread Diversity
    Had a interesting day shot essentially black and white with a Contax T film (38mm), a Ricoh GR digital (28mm) and a Sony RX100iii (70mm) then chucked them all in a bag and shot 6 frames with the ...
  • Looks like the thread has been censored and now things are out on context wow maybe ever post needs to be vetted by our forum police person.
  • Had a interesting
  • Both should have a thread just for themselves to fight it out like two wombats WOMBAT means "Waste Of Money, Brains, And Time"
  • Don’t tell me that the illd3fined vs MrHollywood cold war has run out of missiles
  • One just has to be willing to be open in Facebook, Instagram, network in a big way, blogs are viewed the same as influencers Looks like it will be a another illd3fined verses Hollywood thread so I ...
  • Ricoh picked up the mantle of the small rangefinder style of camera starting with the Leica III in about 1933 then the small Rollei, Olympus rangefinders, Contax, Minox etc , Referring t that ...
  • Print buyers are a different audience and getting fewer in numbers and the social media mob love a good snapshot
  • Yea but it beats ignore plus I don’t look down at them they area legitimate audience no matter what their attitude is.
  • Maybe so but that is the audience. Personally I would prefer to 100 people view my image for 3 seconds than 2 for 10 seconds
  • The old format of printing and books has pretty much waned has led the smartphone photographers to find new ways of communicating and creating an audience for their work. There is a niche market ...
  • We have all this talk about Ricoh being the ultimate “street?” camera and the great photography that people here quote comes from about the 1930’s to 1970’s the so called golden era derived from ...
  • How is your art/photo auction experience teemodok .... none? Mine 36 years still doing it part time demand for 1950-1980 far outsells new photography
  • I plied my trade in the auction houses it is just about money and more so these days. Instagram snapchat, facebook are the golden age along with advertising Sure there are great photos but ...
  • Exactly pure investment interest rates are downwards so the rich invest and speculate, it has nothing todo with the old craft of photography. Other than as a investment it may be used as a tax ...
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