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On article Google will no longer develop Nik Collection (392 comments in total)

I'm one of the ppl that bought the Nik's suite. As amateur it's an important part of my workflow, love SilverFX for BW conversion and ColorFX for white balance, lighting FX.
I'm really disappointed, probably it would have been better to let ppl pay for it...

How many users downloaded and used it for free?

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Photato: What is the Sensor Aspect Ratio, still 4:3 ?
I really like the Live Picture feature though, simple, fun and effective.
The Lens Aperture at f/2.2 though is behind the competition who has f/1.8 like the LG G4.
Oh and no Raw pictures yet?
I wish Apple would have stick to the 8MP larger pixels using the newer technology but 12MP is not as bad as Sony Z5 23MP sensor.

Different MP count means that the sensor is not the same and also according to Phil Schiller words.

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nerd2: Here's some facts.

-Iphone 6s still lacks OIS
-Iphone 6s/6s+ has EXACTLY SAME sensor size and optics (which means the same f2.2 aperture)
-Now they crammed 1.5x more pixel into same sized sensor, so now pixel pitch is 1.22um down from 1.5um of IP6

Let's compare this to Samsung GS6.

-f2.2 optics is 34% slower than f1.9 optics of GS6.
-Each pixel is 18% larger (in area) than 1.12um pixels of GS6.
-So GS6's each pixel takes 13% more light than IP6s.
-And GS6 has 33% more pixel count than IP6s.

This simple calculation says that for low light photography, GS6 has theoretical 50% advantage over IP6s. Oh GS6 has OIS too....

Photography is art not math.
I owned an LG G3, it has a awesome camera according to specs but iPhone 6 shots have better colors rendition and crispness (IMHO).

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Neil Morgan: Somebody didnt pass maths ?
Quote from above "the 1.4 million dot display (800 x 600 RGB pixels)"

800x600 = 480000 pixels for each primary color (R-G-B)
480000* 3 = 1.4 million

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