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I trained as a photographer on The Kent and Sussex Courier, a local newspaper in Kent, England. From there I worked for several regional newspapers before moving to London's Fleet Street in 1969.

I covered everything from wars, riots, disaster and mayhem through to Paris fashions and studio photography before going freelance and specializing in the music and showbusiness areas.

Some of my most enjoyable work was for Paul and Linda McCartney but I had a generally great time, often wondering why I got paid to do what I did.

I retired from photography in 1996 and worked as an internet consultant for a London IT company for a year before digital cameras relit my enthusiasm for my profession.

When Micro Four Thirds cameras came along, i embraced the technology and ethos behind them and started my Youtube channel covering all aspects of photography and the wonders of the Micro Four Thirds system.

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  • Thanks but if you read the posts you will see that I write books on cameras and run a YouTube channel on Micro Four Thirds (see my sig). Being at a loose end in the lockdown, I thought I'd do a ...
  • Replied in Any retailer
    That's very nice of you, thanks. I'm getting well looked after and with a bit of luck will get to see a G10  ;-) I think I've got what I wanted thanks to folks here, it was all there to be found, I ...
  • I'm not sure about the Mark II as I don;t have one to hand. I don't think the information screen, the basic info screen is implemented on it. But it might well work the same except you you ...
  • Haha! I'm just pleased that anything I do has any relevance to anybody :-D
  • Created discussion thread E-M1 Mark III Clean Screen
    Speaking as someone who likes to see their subject and nothing else on screen while taking pictures, I was pleased to find a way to do exactly that with the Olympus E-M1 Mark III. It takes a bit of ...
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    Well I have thought of buying a baseball cap and making videos of me just sitting there spouting. But I deal with cameras and lenses and if you don't use the for a month or so to get used to them ...
  • Interestingly, both Amazon and the others give similar answers.
  • Replied in Which country?
    What I'd like would be actual sales but that would be commercially sensitive, of course.  I just don't want to research a book about a camera that everyone says is wonderful but no-one buys. With ...
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    Thanks so much, Bob. I'm so bound up (!) with doing the books and making videos that I have ignored such informative background info. I should be looking at such info before doing things, not after.
  • How can you hate someone  for the camera they use? In all my years of working for newspapers, magazines, record companies, rock bands and all, no picture or art editor, no PR or writer ever asked ...
  • Interesting, thanks - in the absence of actual figures as opposed to best sellers in each category, I wonder if Canon's mirrorless cameras outsell their mirrored ones at similar price levels? I ...
  • Thanks, Barry. I'll probably write a book on the Canon - my one on the GX85 is one of my best selling ones. Presumably because it's a best selling Micro Four Thirds :-) I normally stick strictly to ...
  • I was a bit taken aback by the sheer hostility of some replies here. oooer! Thanks, Clickalot, I was beginning to think I'd be getting hate mail and not know why :-( I run a YouTube channel on ...
  • Created discussion thread Best Selling Camera?
    Does anyone know if there is there any way of finding out what is the best selling current mirrorless camera overall? I can seem to get figures for overall sales but not broken down by model. Or ...
  • The handheld Hi Res of the E-M1 Mark III doesn't give much, if any more res than the 20Mp shots. It's a bit like output from a mobile phone in that the results are superficially effective but no ...
  • Exactly! It seems to be forgotten that when you view a picture on a digital screen, you are looking at an array of discrete dots. If you are viewing on a 1920x1080px screen you have just over 2m ...
  • I mainly use Hi Res for Ken Burns style roaming around stills on my videos. There's a massive difference. For 1080p video, I can zoom in 2.7x and see no IQ loss. With Hi Res I can zoom in more ...
  • Not everyone lives in the USA! I live in the UK, so you'd not want me to buy American made products is that right? :-)

  • Señor, le sugiero que no tome fotos en callejones oscuros. ;-)
  • Please send me a signed open cheque. I will send you a jar of my miracle product. Not only will it sharpen photographs it will clean ovens and remove stones from horse's hoofs.
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