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    Manufacturers are running out of idea. The camera industry has gone down 84% in this past decade. 84% let that number sink in for a while.
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    Canon's RF is the luxury brand like Lexus while their EF line is their Toyota.
  • Personally I would rather be shooting with the EOS M 22mm f2 than the EOS R with the meh 35mm f1.8. If you want small and light and less money shoot APSC. Forget about FF cameras.
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    Small and light seekers should be happy with crop sensor setups from Fujifilm, Canon M and m43. FF cameras shouldn't be crippled by slow meh lenses. And TBH if small and light is a MUST there's ...
  • What a great recommendation! But what would those poor whiners do? Take pictures??
  • Sony can't borrow from others. It's a pact they made among the group and was sealed with 200yr old sake.

  • Maybe the big heavy glass is the reason for their excellent optics and I'm more than happy to carry it around if it performs like the current ART lenses. And if it also means sigma can sell it for ...
  • Panasonic, Nikon, Canon and Sony got all together in a bar and decided to take bits of a perfect camera and promised to focus on those bits only. Panasonic took video and handling. Sony took AF....

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    What does market share mean when you're making less $$? Is it like an award dpr hand out during their reviews?
  • The doggy photo here is a good start!
  • L mount alliance!! Especially them sigma ART lenses.

  • Thorgrem, the name in the front of the camera makes it lighter , ;)

  • Wow it use to be, name it Canon and I'll get Gold, my how the times have changed.

  • I mainly shoot AF-S and there's nothing out there that matches panny's DFD. Excellent camera for a lot of people who don't use AF-C.

  • Doubtful L mount future? TBH L mount having sigma is GOLD. Z mount to me is much more doubtful. Nikon has proven in recent times it's more than happy to kill a lens mount (Nikon 1).

  • Wow Sony is really killing it with the gold awards. Their sales also show that they deserve the gold awards. Most of my cameras are silver awards, doesn't stop me from getting the shots I want either.

  • Still better to have a DSLR body sized option than another small A7, or EOS R or Z6. Will it do well, who knows only time will tell.

  • Sorry new gear, new mount defenders, that's the reality these new $2000+ FF MILC cameras have to live in. Cameras like the EOS R and Z6 bring NOTHING new to the game, they are actually shaping up...

  • If this was a Canon release the internet would've broke.

  • What a fantastic camera, with sigma in the alliance I'm more than tempted to become a PanasonicSharpShooter. Bravo!

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