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Posts here on DPR when the news about the new printers showed up on British sites said that the P700 would also have a waste ink tank - i.e., 'maintenance tank'.
The story here and the info on the Epson U.S. site makes no mention of this.
Do anyone know if the P700 has the tank? Would be important to me.
Second, I'll be very interested as people buy and begin to use the P900 to see if the 'pizza wheel' marks of the P800 et al. have been eliminated.
Next, would the reduction in the size of the P900 cartridges from those of the P800 keep you from buying a P900?
Finally, Epson has made it official: "This product uses only genuine Epson-brand cartridges. Other brands of ink cartridges and ink supplies are not compatible and, even if described as compatible, may not function properly or at all."
If this really means that the P700 and the P900 will not work if non-Epson cartridges are installed, and no one comes up with a work-around, would that keep you from buying them?

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I remember what Dennett related about a conversation he'd had with Derrida:
(I'm paraphrasing, but I believe accurately.)
Dennett: When I talk with you, I think I'm understanding what you say. But when I read what you've written, I'm not so sure I understand it.
Derrida: In France, if at least a third of what you write isn't obscure, people won't think you're profound.

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Raist3d: @Barney- I think this is interesting but have to highlight something that I am not sure you wrote or was in the book, I can't quite agree with:

"Photography is an odd kind of art-form. You can’t ‘read’ a photograph like you can text (which is the kind of thing that annoys the hell out of semiologists), and being by its nature infinitely reproducible, a photograph doesn’t have the uniqueness of a painting. Consider also that to ‘make’ a photograph takes no training. In many circles, photography is still considered the poor cousin of ‘real’ art and it’s easy to understand why. Just remember Kodak’s famous slogan: “You push the button, we do the rest”."

I am not sure I can agree that you can't "read" a photograph. I think there's some of that. Also that anyone can "make" a photograph with no training(?) If I buy a piano and start smashing some notes, is that the same as making music with no training?

@Raist3d: "Photography is at least part art."
I find it strange, if not blind, to say (as apparently some do), that Adams' photographs of Yosemite are not art, while a urinal is.

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Am I correct that a good number of the new lens being announced are _not_ available for either the Nikon F mount or the new Z mount?
If so, seems worth a story here ... .

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Irakly Shanidze: It is a great technical emulsion, which has no place in a still camera. ISO 8 is limiting to the point of crippling a photographer.
Also... It is so contrasty that using fast developers is not an option. Something like Rodinal at 12C for 45 minutes would do the trick.

@Irakly Shanidze: "ISO 8 is limiting to the point of crippling a photographer."
In the late 1940's-early 1950's I shot Kodachrome which had an ASA (now ISO) of 10. Didn't feel crippled at all.

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PortraitLover: APSC 0.95 = FF 1.4
move along...

@PortraitLover: "APSC 0.95 = FF 1.4" It depends on what yo mean by 'equals'. If the proper exposure for a given scene and ISO is 1/60 at f/0.95, then that's the proper exposure for APS-C _and_ FF.
In short. proper exposure is invariant for different media sizes of the same sensitivity - 35mm or 8x10.

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For those who may have forgotten:
When the first emissions standards were announced, U.S. automakers screamed that they couldn't be met, or at least couldn't be met except at astronomical cost.
Not too long after that, two foreign automakers - IIRC, Honda and Volvo - demonstrated engines that met the standards, and did so at reasonable cost.
Farther back, industrialists in the 19th Century claimed they would go bankrupt if they could not employ children to work 6 days a week, 10 hours a day.
Moral: Take cum grano salis when companies claim that costs of regulation are unbearable.

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At this rate, people will be going back to a ILCs to have a lighter system ... . <g>

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Aberaeron: These must surely have been proper counterfeit products made to look like and sold as genuine Canon original equipment?

Otherwise there are plenty of branded products that are 'suitable for' Canon cameras and they generally perform well and safely. There's a whole lot of "may be" and negative speculation in the statement above that is disingenuous in light of many millions of off-brand batteries in regular use worldwide.
Canon should, of course, protect its trade mark. However it could do so without the negative propaganda that makes them sound rather silly. It's like saying 'If Aunty had balls she'd be Uncle'.

What I don't understand: Someone has several thousand (at least) US$, UK Pounds, Euros - whatever, invested in their passion, photography. Then they are obsessed with saving a very small amount (relative to their total investment) on a battery.

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Jeff Greenberg: =
Hold ebay, the enabler, accountable.

@entoman: I strongly suspect that if Target sold counterfeit Advil, packaged to look exactly like the real thing, and the product turned out to cause deaths, that Target could be held responsible - that an excuse that it could not reasonably check everything it sold would not be a defense.
IF that is correct, then the same defense would not help Amazon.
I hope a lawyer will chime in here and tell us if that defense would work.

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JE River: We need some sort of anti-drone system for personal use, like an anti-drone wrist watch. I was out fishing for salmon last fall off a public beach and some yahoo flew his drone from about a half-mile away and parked it right in my face where I was casting. It stayed there for about 15 minutes and even just about clipped my fishing line while fighting a huge Chinook.

Even just the ability to point something at a drone and instantly get the owner's name, address, and phone would probably deter many drone abusers from ruining the fun for responsible drone users and the general public. Bad things always happen when half-wits get "cheap" access to tools and services that allow them to pour their half-wittiness on the rest of us. (I use half-wit only because DPR forbids using the proper terms for such creatures.)

@LoneTree1: You wouldn't mind having a drone parked right in front of your face while you were doing something you enjoyed?

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Relaxed: One still needs to feed those dinosaurs.

@Relaxed: Well, Canon also still thinks it makes sense to 'feed those dinosaurs.' Witness the 1D X Mark III.
If the performance matches what the spec and features promise - some dinosaur!

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Why? At least the limited-edition Leicas will most likely have collector value ... .

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$14,995. How much is that in ectoplasm?

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Horshack: Antivirus apps are as useful as earthquake insurance in Florida.

@Horshack: "Antivirus apps are as useful as earthquake insurance in Florida."
As Colonel Potter would say, "Horse hockey!" AV and/or anti-malware sw has fairly often caught attempts by malicious or unwanted programs to infect my computer, or attempts to visit unsafe Web sites that I had no reason to believe posed a threat.
In today's world of cyber threats, including esp. ransomware, it is foolish to not take all reasonable precautions.
BTW, on Florida earthquakes:
"Earthquake Information for Florida. There are 23,675 earthquake incidents in Florida on record since 1931. The state averages 285 earthquakes per year. The largest earthquake on record for Florida occurred on 08/04/1946, with a depth of 51.2 miles and a magnitude of 7.9 on the Richter scale in Miami Dade County, FL."

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Henrikw: Ah - an article exclusively for US readers

@Henrikw: "Ah - an article exclusively for US readers"
Yes, since DPR is (now) based in the U.S. How could they have fairly compared turn-around times if they had ordered from other countries, given the extended times for shipping?

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PhotoKhan: Let me first state that I am appalled at what the US has become, with a very special sad note dedicated to their current is the right of any country to defend their borders against illegal immigration.

To this extent, surely there must be a line between free reporting and passively or actively helping said immigration and the First Amendment shouldn't be used as a tool to mud such line.

I am quite curious about the outcome of this lawsuit...

@PhotoKhan: How does reporting on conditions at the border "passively or actively" help illegal immigration?
And @John C Tharp: There's no indication that the photographers were "interfering with legitimate law enforcement ... "

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inorogNL: In other words mobile phones killed photography as we knew it...
Olympus makes fantastic cameras!

@inorogNL: "What do you need to invent to make phone users still buy dedicated cameras?"
Thom Hogan has had some very good answers to that question for years. Unfortunately, as he points out with some regularity, the camera makers for these same years have ignored what they could do.

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Aegon Targaryen: Now, if Lumix came out with a Salvador Dali edition S1R, S 24-105mm f4, S 50mm f1.4 bundle, my ridiculing would stop and I'd be faced with a tough decision...

@bizi clop: Take surreal pictures.

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"If you've been anxiously awaiting to find out what Leica's next special-edition camera, is ... ."
And if you haven't?

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