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osu9400: The backlash has been brutal. As a Nik's customer, I am not happy either. The comments on Nik's news page have been ugly.

I found the link...

Link | Posted on Sep 18, 2012 at 21:21 UTC
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osu9400: The backlash has been brutal. As a Nik's customer, I am not happy either. The comments on Nik's news page have been ugly.

Would you be so kind as to supply a link to Nik news site you mentioned with all the comments....I could not find it....

Anyways....I will add my comment...which is..I am just concerned that Google (which I think is a good company) will get in there...take the technology that needs and let all these other great photographic tools that Nik makes whither away...I truly hope that Google remembers what made Nik great...and that is great tools for serious photographers...not great tools for the Social Media crowd....

Anyways I will hope that they keep the serious tools updated...I can always hope...

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alexzn: To the a...holes posting snide comments about this: when was the last time you took a picture with your expensive gear that was half as good as those posted by Dan Chung? When was the last time you got half as many good pictures as are in that blog? Probably not in your whole lifetime. Losers...

Dan- Congratulations with a great image stream, you proved that gear is not a limitation when it is in good hands. Of course that goes poorly on a gadget frak site like DPR.

Quote from - larrytusaz

"Why deliberately dumb yourself down just to make a silly point?"


The reason why one would limit oneself with less capable gear is to challenge push the gear and yourself to the limit....sometimes seeing what you can do with limited gear or tools forces you to think in new and creative ways...

I am with most here and say bravo...these are great shots....sure perhaps a bit noisy or of lower res...but the emotion and energy caught in these pictures far outweigh any technical downfalls...

Great shots overall...


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On article Fujifilm releases X-S1 premium EXR 26X superzoom (383 comments in total)
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Merida2010: Somebody please advise me: if I were going to buy this Fuji model, OR the Canon T3i (which, with a 24-135 lens is just about the same price), which one should I get? Please don't tell me neither, or that both are junk, or that I should look at 25 other models. Just tell me which of these two makes more sense, and why. Thanks to any and all who will give me some advice.

Ok here is my 2 cents. I love bridge Cameras. If you get this camera (XS-1) you should do so because in your own personal mind the pros out weigh the cons. In my mind the pros do out weigh the cons when compared to a DSLR

For me the Pros are:

1.) I don not have to change a lens (One lens for wide and tele)
2.) Lighter than a DSLR with multiple lenses to cover 24-624
3.) Cheaper than a DSLR with multiple lenses to cover 24-624
4.) Adequate image quality for 95% of the situations that I output my images to which is to say mostly to the screen

The Cons are:

1.) Lower image quality at high ISO ....though I am fine shooting below 800 iso almost all of the which case I believe the XS-1 will do quite well
2.) More flexibility with lenses, you can change a lens and put on a super bright F1.8 lens if you want to, but I find this a hassle..

Again these are my personal reasons, you should make your own pro and con list based on what is important to you...

For me I love it so far!

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