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I've been using the previous Sigma 85mm f1.4 lens. Very happy with the lens.

Any chance of a direct comparision?

I suspect that while the Art lens will have better allround specs, in RW shooting conditions the difference may be small.

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In our family there are 3 different recent Nikon cameras, from the D7200 to the D750. Tamron, Sigma and Tokina lenses as well as Nikon. Never any issues.

Plainly CANON is the problem! They like making life difficult for their competitors - and we photographers are the ones suffering.

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I have the Tamron 90mm macro f2.8 VC. Would be nice to see a detailed comparison (for non-macro use).

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Great article - a lens is so complicated I am continually amazed they work at all! My view is that cameras and lenses are now so good that photo fails are 90% the photographer and only 10% the equipment. People need to get a life.

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My only complaint is that this camera uses a non-standard USB cable.
Why would Nikon do that?

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Steve Bingham: I actually tested my copy of this lens at 10' using a 2' x 3' ISO 12233 chart and found it excellent at 80mm - where I will probably be using it the most. The CA can be instantly mitigated without losing resolution using ACR, but it is there to some extent. All-in-all, as good a DX lens as I have tested (probably 15 or so). And yes, this would include my Sigma 17-50 which I gave to my wife. Excellent lens, but not quite as good as the Nikon 16-80.

he was!

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I'd like to see a proper comparison with the Nikon 16-85.
Is it significantly better?
f2.8 vs f3.5 is really not that much of a difference.
FWIW I have the 16-85, which is a very good lens.

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I'm crying - you ignored my sigma 85/1.4 boohoo

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What effect do these variations have on real-life performance of each lens type?
Which parameters have the greatest effect?

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Such short memories. These cameras are amazing technological feats with so many features,at such high quality, at a small fraction of what SLRs cost years ago even ignoring the shrinking dollar.

So stop bitching and be happy with the amazing tools we have at our disposal.

Just my 2c.


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There must be some kind of human rights angle here somewhere. Surely there are some principles that assure my right to go about my peaceful activities, including commercial activities, in public places, that harm nobody?

If someone has a copyrighted work that they wish to protect - they should keep it out of 'my space' ie the public spaces of planet earth.

If I deliberately make an image of a 'work' and make money from it - maybe there is room for discussion.

But if you plonk your thing in my face - leave me alone!!!
If this passes - I would support a mass civil disobedience campaign, and boycotts.

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Personal comment: I own D7000 and D750. I am looking to upgrade my D7000, and will stay with Nikon. I will upgrade when I see quality 4K video, articulated touch-screen, and better video autofocus. For me, still image quality has been superb for a long time - great photos never depend on pixel-peeping-type fine detail - other factors much more important.

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Interesting choice for Nikon shooters between this lens and the new Nikon 20mm F1.8. Faster, also very wide angle, low distortions, lighter, takes filters - but no stabilization.

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Peter Gordon 01701: I have the D610 and I read so much about the improved focusing system on the D750 so I bought one to try. I may have had a bad unit because the focusing was terrible. The camera spent a lot of time hunting for focus in all modes. I tried S,A and C mode from single point to 3D. Every so often the camera would even take a totally out of focus shot across the whole frame. I liked the fact that more buttons can be programed than in the 610. Another irritant was the delay in the picture just shot to appear on the back screen. I was using the base model sandisk SD 32Gig speed 4 card. Using the same card and the same camera settings the image appears almost instantaneous on the 610 but took up to 6-7 seconds on the 750. Really bad delay. So I returned the camera and went back to my D610.

Hi Peter
Similar here - have D610, bought the D750.
I am very happy with mine - can't fault it.
It really is a great camera - why not try again?

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HFLM: On Nikonrumors a response of Nikon can be found to one commentor:
"I am sorry to learn about your disappointment [...] however that we are aware of the this effect and Nikon considers it to be within the quality standards. When photographing scenes with an extremely bright light source (such as the sun or high intensity lighting) is at a certain position along the top border of the frame, this sort of visual effect is common and may occur when shooting using any digital SLR camera.Therefore it does not indicate a problem with the camera's design and we do not plan to implement any measures to address this."

pw: Absolutely no realism and no sense in your post! It is so easy to complain - and we have no information about the competence and motives of those who go public with complaints. Many have ulterior motives, or are ignorant - which are you? All objective reports say the D750 is an excellent camera - certainly a DSLR leaderand capable of performing well under all circumstances.

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On article Nikon D750 Review (2001 comments in total)

I just dusted off my D80. (I have D300, D7000, D750).

All modern cameras are great.
Results are 1% camera - 99% you.
The D750 is a brilliant piece of equipment.

IMO anyone who cannot pick up a D80 and be 99% satisfied is not a photographer - just a pedantic nitpicker and whinger.


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Are we missing the point?

Do we really totally accept the original story that the animal actually took these photos?

Wonderfully well composed and staged considering the animal probably had minimal prior experience with cameras - which s/he would not be expected to understand anyway. Frankly I don't believe it, until absolute proof is supplied.

Certainly a great PR coup for David Slater. Maybe he was just too smart by half.

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On article Benchmark Performance: Nikon D810 review (2004 comments in total)

Question re shooting video with DX lens in DX mode on FX cameras.
What is the effect on resolution and other video settings?
I'm hoping the camera is smart enough to use the cropped area to produce full resolution videos without any penalty.
(I asked this question a while back re the D610 but no answers).

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On article Nikon D610 Review (404 comments in total)

What effect on video does DX mode have?
Same resolution and quality as with FX lenses?

I don't remember seeing this mentioned in any of the reviews of the D610.

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Halstatt: Conventional and incremental. Yep, that about sums it up. This is a company in a hurry to go nowhere.

People are heading for the exits.

Hey Halstatt: Glass half empty anyone? Cameras are so good there is little scope for revolutionary improvements (are curved sensors allowing better/simpler lenses on the way?). It's good to see minor improvements being made available to consumers as they are developed.

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