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Cameras: Mamiya 645AFD+Kodak ProBack 645Mx2
Kodak SLR/n
Mamiya AF 35mm f/3.5
Hartblei Digital 45mm f/3.5 Super-Rotator Tilt Shift
Mamiya AF 80mm f/2.8
Mamiya Sekor 80mm f/1.9
Mamiya Sekor 120mm f/4 Macro
Mamiya Sekor 150mm f/2.8

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  • Do you? What this has to do with anything? It is important not to be ignorant (I do start to think it's a typically modern russian trait) - try to tell scotsman that he is english and you will more ...
  • No idea what you hoped for 14 years ago but I am of UkrainiŠ°n origin - big difference!!! And no, my firmware does not do magic
  • I am not Russian.
  • You can get 5.4.10 from my site - it's build on top of 5.4.9 with a few modifications.
  • I know that they are snug in there without any locks. But since I was asking it for myself, please allow me to decide what I really want from SLR/n battery. As it stands I prefer them with locks ...
  • Do they come with the lock? And also what is the cost of single battery please? Pending answers to those I may be interested.
  • Replied in Filthy sensor
    I do wet cleaning once a yearwith Eclipse and sensor swabs (taking the back of the camera and sensor off). In between I use Arctic butterfly brush - that works very well. The most important thing ...
  • Of all the viewers only FRV views raw files really and fast. All of the others  either show embedded JPEGs or end up rendering raw (as in performing conversion) and being really slow. More over - ...
  • > for Fuji X, far superior detail rendering from raw.
    What about compressed Fuji X-Trans (like the files from X-Pro 2)? I don't think RT handles those or new compressed GFX 50s raw files.

  • So the problem is not in the mirror. It is either lens of AF module. Since your other AF lenses do not have this, I would suspect the lens itself. As above - it is more likely the cause. ...
  • Excellent - a thorough testing, well done! I cannot say for Tamron - my favourite was  was Nikkor 28-70 f/2.8 and for wide angle - Nikkor 17-35 f/2.8. I did found that I used the latter rather a ...
  • One correction - it can be successfully applied when the focusing problems arise from mirror misalignment in the first place. In all other cases - you are just misleading people (sorry) As far as I ...
  • Are you sure your focus problems are due to mirror alignment? Fixing generic front/back focus by tuning mirror angular alignment is urban myth and dangerous one. I have yet to see any SLR/n that ...
  • And the same with the lens that is working? For manual focus I would put a K3 focusing screen (it needs slight DIY to fit or use ready made one here ) and check manual focus by that - using AF ...
  • Please take pictures of the single cell from both sides and post here. Put problematic lens on  (300mm) and focus it manually using the focusing screen and your eyes as guide. Is the photo in focus ...
  • Yes - the meter will work fine in A, S, P modes. No NiMH if you are rebuilding existing batteries. The LiPo cells used in the existing batteries are better and easy to find and will work with the ...
  • I am not being difficult I genuinely don't understand it. I just took my SLR/n and gave it a quick test. Setting the mode dial to M, used the wheel to select shutter speed on camera and aperture ...
  • I am not really sure what you mean by "meter does not work" when we are talking about M mode. It is not even involved in M mode since you are setting exposure parameters.
  • Not really. There are very few Nikons cameras with 100% viewfinder cover. In addition the viewfinder shows more apparent DOF than there is there and this really becomes a problem on large apertures. ...
  • The list of lenses in the lens optimisation list of the camera is not even meant to be complete. If you have a lens that is not there - set it up yourself (this is advisable even for the lenses ...
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