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Cameras: Mamiya 645DF+ with Kodak ProBack 645M and
Phase One 645DF with Kodak ProBack 645M
Mamiya AF 35mm f/3.5
Hartblei Digital 45mm f/3.5 Super-Rotator Tilt Shift
Schneider Kreuznach 80mm LS f/2.8
Mamiya Sekor 80mm f/1.9
Mamiya Sekor 120mm f/4 Macro
Mamiya Sekor 150mm f/2.8

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  • During development of Spectron project I have developed existing firmwares for C12880 and C12666 to allow automatic measurements (auto integration parameters), long exposures for Hamamatsu C12880, ...
  • Replied in SLR/N
    Not quite sure what it means. Long  startups usually are due to CF card size - the larger the card, the longer the startup. 14n to 14nx upgrade included sensor and sensor board upgrade mainly. The ...
  • Replied in SLR/N
    Judging by EXIF you have 14nx which is 14n with sensor and sensor board upgraded to SLR/n one (and some memory upgrades). For the photographic output this is the same as SLR/n. Firmwares and ...
  • Replied in SLR/N
    Then the noise settings should not affect you. Not on Flickr. I have Zenfolio page and posted here a few years ago when I was using SLR/n extensively. A few examples if you need all shot on SLR/n: ...
  • Replied in SLR/N
    I went to SLR/n after Nikon D300/D700 frustrated with the colours. Never looked back. Getting good colour from SLR/n was a breeze, using it was far simpler, postprocessing for me reduced to almost ...
  • Did you read the whole thread at all? If you did, then what useful was actually said there? The whole argument coming from the other side was "look at my credentials, I know better" and it is ...
  • Replied in SLR/N
    Then do not post pointless statements. I could not care less about your bio and have little respect for people who use that as a point in their arguments. To me it looks like you did not bother to ...
  • Replied in SLR/N
    And? This is not a private parts waving contest - you are simply wrong.
  • Replied in SLR/N
    I had 6 SLR/n passing through my hands (2 of those were mine for 3 years). Never had any issues with raw files I shot.
  • Replied in SLR/N
    Kodak were ahead of their time - lack of good processing practices and software as well as people addiction to pixel peeping is what  was wrong. Noise wise (waterpainting artifacts is a work of ...
  • The only people who have sensor stocks are Midwest. In all Kodak cameras changing sensor is as simple as replacing hardware - sensors (together with their sensor controller boards in case of 14n, ...
  • Why don't you demonstrate and prove it working then? It is as simple as this...
  • There are other alternatives such as EmArc SMR-100/XEAR2 but I have not investigated the constant on Xenon light sources in depth yet. Integrating spheres are particularly expensive especially at ...
  • I did consider constant on Xenon light source (this whole project started with tungsten halogen one through the light guide) but it was too expensive, big and hot. Light wise (the amount of light ...
  • I am not sure again I understand you. By the sounds of what you wrote previously we are not "after the same thing".
  • No the sphere serves to provide uniform light output. There is no incidence angle problem since we are not measuring multiple things at once or absolute light outputs. Once camera is mounted and ...
  • None of those matter. Yes these are the project pages.
  • This design does not have variables you cannot control - all could be compensated for. I do not understand that statement either. My setup has nothing to do with approach you referred to of one ...
  • I am not measuring with the lens - it would not be sensor spectral resonsivity curves otherwise. The whole setup described on the very first page of Git Hub project.
  • Exactly. I would not be surprised if camera companies have something similar in house to characterize their cameras/sensors. The only thing though is if you go to a lab to get the setup (someone like ...
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