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  • Replied in Learning??
    If you already use a D7500 then any D8xx camera will be easy for you.
  • I grew up using 35mm film SLRs.  So when I started using a DX Nikon body, I found the tiny viewfinder and the cropped frame rather unpleasant.  So for me, it was the DX which took “getting used ...
  • Replied in Filters
    Oh what a beautiful spot! Your scene has both dark trees and bright snowy mountains.  The two can’t be properly exposed in the same shot.  You’ll end up either blowing the highlights or loosing ...
  • A fair question, but one I feel I should not answer because the whole point of the exercise is to find the camera which feels good in my hands - and that is purely based on personal preference.
  • Replied in Buy five cameras
    That’s what I did!  Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Sony, and a good ol’ Oly. Got them all on ebay. Not all at once - but over the course of a year or so.  Played with each one. Learned their quirks, then ...
  • For pro-work, two slots is a must have.  No question about it. I learned my lesson the hard way!!
  • Replied in Depends
    Photography still requires proper lighting and composition skills.
  • I know imperfections with gear can be REALLY annoying! Since they kindly offered to pay for the sensor cleaning, you should just accept that and move on.  The issue with the EVF is not the ...
  • Replied in Windex
    Not trying to be snarky.  I really do use Windex.  It works great on all the glass / metal/ rubber / plastic parts of my kitchen appliances.  No reason why it wouldn’t work just as well on my ...
  • Replied in Nikon Z
    I really love my Z system. I’d get the Z6 II. You’ll have to get new lenses anyway. The Z6ii has a higher resolution sensor and is $300 cheaper than the R6. So, there’s your lens.
  • Created discussion thread Cherry Blossoms in Washington DC
    Hiya!  I’m so exited to be planning a trip to see the cherry blossoms.  I want to find really picturesque spots.  Does anyone know of a good map of photo spots? This photo, for example, was taken ...
  • Replied in Caveat
    I purchased a set of magnetic square filters.  They seemed so convenient.  In hindsight, I would not have bothered with them. Sliding filters into slots is not any more time consuming that ...
  • Excellent information! Thank you so much!! I’m looking for a day-hike pack to carry a few items.  WIth respect to the TMP system, you mentioned that other companies have imitated the Deuter system. ...
  • Replied in See for yourself
    This website has archives of images shot with pretty much every camera in a controlled studio setting. You can compare images from two different cameras side by side. https://www.imaging-resource.c ...
  • Replied in “Camera”?
    Digital has become ‘normal’.  We no longer say ‘digital watch’, but just ‘watch’.  Likewise with other terms from the 1970s like ‘digital calculator’.    We no longer say ‘flat panel LED TV’, but ...
  • Gosh - there are so many choices.  I can't really say that there is a clear answer to your question as so much depends on brand loyalty, personal preference, and budget. However, if you stick to ...
  • Try removing your UV/protective filter if you have one.
  • I love Olys!  Your camera is fine. Your photo is a perfect example of why some scenes require graduated ND filters. Your sky looks okay - not blown out.  You can easily lift the shadows in post ...
  • Oh, I've spent so many hours looking at reviews and specs. Ugh! I have both types. Although there are differences, the bottom line is that you aim, press the button, and end up with a photo. The so ...
  • Replied in Shutter curtain
    Oh, I do miss that little lever! I think of it as a shutter curtain winder rather than a 'film advance'.  Why waste battery power and motors on something that can be done easily by hand? I feel the ...
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