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On article Pentax-D FA* 85mm F1.4 sample gallery (221 comments in total)

Looks great

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barrystet: I use DXO 11 for raw conversion and some global adjustments and ON1 Photo Raw 2017 for local adjustments and style creation. I plan on upgrading to ON1 2020 since I am assuming the improvements made over the past 3 years will be worthwhile. I don't plan to upgrade DXO until purchasing a newer camera, which may not happen for 3-5 years.

2020 is a so much more usable than 2017 (I've been using since 2017, and the differences are pretty substantial)

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Chris Page: I have been a huge fan of On1 since it started. However, my version has stopped being compatible with LR. The 'help' I get is being told that it is due to a bug - no solution offered. In agreement with @TechDave1, I am pretty sure the solution will be purchasing a new version.

actually, I contacted them about a serious issue with on1 2019 (regarding copying cropping metadata between images that would leave images in the wrong size, and allow only export to tiny sizes) and not only did they get back to me, but issues an update (free) for this issue as well as others about 2-3 week later. that is really quite responsive for a software product. you could argue that this sort of bug shouldn't have been shipped to begin with, but given that they are a small actor this is more than acceptable.
I'm not affiliated with ON1 in any way and recently paid quite a bit for the 2020 update (noticeable performance boost, thanks), just giving credit where credit is due.

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mick232: I think the suggestion to embrace computational photography cannot be rated high enough. Why do I only see it with Canon in this article? In fact, all manufacturers should start doing it, otherwise any camera will look like a dinosaur compared to a smartphone in a few years' time.

Pentax has already started working with some aspects of computational photography so perhaps that is why it is not listed. they could definitely be doing more of course.
1. pixel shift
2. dedicated imaging co-processor in K1 II

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On article 10 Photo Editing Programs (that aren't Photoshop) (355 comments in total)
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maxsang: I use AfterShot, which used to be called Bibble until it was bought by Corel about a year ago. It's very similar to Lightroom and available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

It's fast and easy to use, and the few things it can't do (e.g. layer masks) are usually achievable in Gimp. Surprised it wasn't mentioned - it was one of the four 'main editing programs' in a review I read a couple of years ago. You can download a trial version IIRC and it's not expensive to buy the full version - US$100 or so I think.

I second AfterShot I use it a lot and it is great for raw processing (and very quick and responsive). I also got it for a ridiculously low introduction price of ~15 Euros
I have no problems with the image quality of the output (I use it for pentax K10D Raw files and it is at least comparable to the Pentax RAW tool) but YMMV.

There is also Silkypix on that front (Pentax users get a basic version free).

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On photo After the rain in the Sparkle challenge (1 comment in total)

beautiful water drops , but OOF leaves to the right don't help (crop?)

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On photo bumble bee in the Pentax K-30 challenge (1 comment in total)

great composition (leading the attention to the bee) and lovely yellow green colors.
my 2c: the focus is on the back of the bee and not the eyes (given the lens I'm not sure how much control you had over this) and the large OOF flower in the front is distracting, I would crop the picture tighter to remove it.

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On photo IMGP0120-2 in the Pentax K-30 challenge (2 comments in total)

beautiful capture, but the pink text kind of ruins it for me..

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