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Eliaz: The tool is excellent. However, there is a problem with focusing issue. I am afraid you don't pay enough attention to where you focus upon with each camera, so each camera in a certain comparison may be focusing upon a different item, so when you are comparing two identical spots of two different cameras, one may look blurry (out of focus) and the other sharp, giving the false idea that the focused one is better. I suggest that you lock the focus upon the same item in every shot you take in the studio, rather than letting the camera autofocus.

My comparison of the little Sony TX 30 bests the Nikon D5200 and even higher (D4) Nikons when looking at the Queens face. i can't rely on this... i own all these cameras and know this cannnot be true.

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jkoch2: A major reason to allow comments is to entice people to come back to a site, whether to add more comments, or whether to rouse other people's comments.

Are mainy of the comments uncivil, sloppy, or worthless? Of course. The main reason for that is that people can give themselves fantasy names ("Carlos Danger," etc). Invisibility brings out the worst.

The most obvious cure is to adopt a "real name" policy. Anyone who visits blogs or sites that require real names will think they are on a different planet: adults who think twice about what they say or respond; people who avoid excess or insults so as not embarrass themselves.

I used to believe that one should use one's "real name." Today, there are just too many nut-cases out there for me to use my real name... Hence, "Jersey John" only reveals a general geographical location. JC PS: So... jkoch2 is your real name ;)?

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mcshan: Warning: if you have not read the thread and choose to post that you prefer the original black and white versions you will instantly be deemed a "hater".

Changing another artists work is just wrong. If you consider photography art... leave other's work alone. This should be a simple concept. This is not facebook ... this is someone else's art and livelyhood.

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JerseyJohn: Ansel Adams wept

Exactly. He HAD the option to shoot color or Black and White ... and did shoot color... but please keep Dullaway away from his B&W!

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Ansel Adams wept

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Hopefully, a review of the Sony TX-30 is forthcoming. I have the TX-10. I love this camera to backup my Nikon D300/D-5200's :). Very good undrwater video IQ, even projected on my Samsung 55" TV. Seriously, the TX-30 should be looked at... and it CAN drive nails... I have dropped it from the roof of my car, lost it in the mud in my lake and swim with it in the ocean. I lube the gaskets once in a while... never a problem. The really nice thing about it is i can take it to a show or a dinner party. it has a sleek, pocketable design, unlike these cameras that remind me of the Pillsbury Doughboy.

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Really? "I think the expression “pro” has a negative smell meanwhile. Financial pros, real estate pros, catering pros …" Really. And your next job is what, Pope? I WAS a photography pro... made my living in photography and film. I am now a Real Estate Agent (pro). I make my living selling real estate. I am sucessful because of my past as a "pro" photograpger, a BA in Business and a Masters. I no longer call myself a photography "pro" because I no longer make my living selling photography. If you want to be appreciated as a photographer... call your self a creative photographer... a life long photographer, whatever. My wife was an IT Director and a really good photographer. She did not call herself a pro. Be proud of your own profession and enjoy your passion for photography. Not being a "pro" does not make you good photographer.

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adamgreen: The WU-1a works with the D600. It's a bit clumsy (and not weather-sealed) compared to the Canon D6, with built-in wifi, if that floats your phot) but it works. I don't see how this CameraMator can kickstart itself with a $299 price tag compared to built-in with Canon or a cheap ($60?) dongle from Nikon.

WU-1a also slated to work with new Nikon D5200

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On article Sony launches DSC-TX55 touch-screen CMOS compact (42 comments in total)

As the Sony Rep puts it... "it says Waterproof... but it does not say 'yes' next to where it say 'Waterproof'." Idiots.
I expect next March to see a TX-10 (waterproof) upgrade. I LOVE my TX-10. Throw it in the car... drop it on the beach... in the water....and then turn on one of the incredible modes and shoot.
Question: Why in the world does the waterproof version NOT come with GPS and the super bright (and Bigger) screen for outdoor and bright sun use?
The Sony guys have to get out more.

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We only have to look at the total revolution in the watch industry by the cell phone to see history repeating itself. Is a cell phone a Rolex??? No. But it gets the job done... tells time.
Some still look at photography as a method to record a certain time and place. The simplest cell phone can do that.

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aghatole: Any one compared it Nikon P500?

Nikon P500 IS is no match for the SX40 Canon... or the old SX30 . Tried it. NO MATCH.

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On article Sony launches DSC-TX55 touch-screen CMOS compact (42 comments in total)

when you chat with sony rep, they have no idea. as anyone heard of a TX10 (the last waterprofoof cybershot-which i have and love) UPGRADE? The TX55 seems to be the upgrade of the tx110. jj

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