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mxx: The woman with all her guns is scary.

The person (son?) in the window wearing the same colour top and the floral wreath on the door make that image for me.

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jonathanj: This looks like one of those things that sounds really cool on paper and then turns out to be really limited. I would also like to understand how many different sets of accessories are required to make it do all of those things, as I bet you start with an elegant egg and end up with a big carrying case with rotors, straps, remote, batteries, that tripod thing, etc.

You can see the two kits and how it all fits together here https://store.us.powervision.me/products/poweregg-x?variant=31610398474311

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On article Iconic photographer Terry O'Neill passes away at 81 (40 comments in total)

Three other shots of Terry O'Neill's I think are wonderful:

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On article Canon's 32MP chip marks the end of the 24MP APS-C era (498 comments in total)
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ProDude: I'll make my prophecy right now. December (xmas season) of 2021 you will no longer see ANY new models of DSLR offerings whatsoever. They will be dead as far as new manufacture or release of new models is concerned. By then you will see some crazy high rez mirrorless let alone advanced professional models from Nikon, Canon and even more advancements on the Sony front to the point there would be NO point whatsoever buying a new DSLR. Let's see if I'm wrong. I'll be sure and bring it up at that time and we'll see how far off I am (and I think I'm dead on).

Nikon D6? Admittedly already a prototype so we know it’s in the pipeline.

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Sardonic G: $4500? Pass

£4,799 in UK!

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On article Sony a7R IV review (1503 comments in total)
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CekariYH: Quoted from the article above: "The a7R IV can shoot at 10 frames per second: a rate that was the preserve of specialist, low-res sports cameras until comparatively recently. However, this rate is only achieved if you opt for JPEG-only or Sony's damaging 'Compressed' Raw mode,"

damaging 'Compressed' Raw mode? well i have tested both compressed and uncompressed on my a7R III at same subjects mode and only when really looking for it one might find some artefacts... always gone when you adjust and prepare in PP for viewing on the web, screen or for printing. So calling it for damaging is quite unfair IMHO. Will probably be even better in the a7R IV.

So reading this quote and this forum thread https://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/4427967 is the situation that the A7Riv has compressed RAW but it's not lossless (i.e. you do lose something)?
Is the A7Riii compressed Raw lossless or again do you lose some detail? In the 8th comment on the forum thread Horshack makes the point that there won't be lossless compression until the BIONZ is redesigned.

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Keep on Zoomin: Nothing like another DPR hit piece on B&H to bring all the gleeful hand-rubbing haters out of the woodwork.

Where is the DPR news article on the countless fake "OEM" batteries currently for sale on Amazon?

Referring to Amazon and buying from Amazon (not an Amazon reseller) is it actually the case that Amazon products PLUS the same product sold by a re-seller but full-filled by Amazon are kept in the same location and pooled, so that there is no way of knowing whether the purchase from Amazon (rather than a reseller) is actually the product Amazon sourced from the brand manufacturer?
Or is this a myth and different sellers products are kept separately?

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Jack Jian: Although all the images are beautiful, it seems the message is clear: The generation has moved on towards digital manipulation and virtual world.

I think the first one is chemical rather than digital manipulation isn't it?

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On article Sony 24-105mm F4 G OSS sample gallery (159 comments in total)

Anyone know why this lens hasn't been available in the UK, as far as I'm aware. I look regularly at the camerpricebuster website and retailers still show pre-order or whatever six months or so after release!
Lensforhire has one available to hire, but that's about the only one I've come across in the UK.

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Have the rules wording and order changed from what was originally show?
2017 is the first rule https://www.skypixel.com/events/photocontest2017/info so pretty clear.
'Photos from any aerial platform are welcome' is pretty open though, maybe they should have specifically said Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or something.
With the date, doesn't the competition want to see the original file and metadata?

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Ab Latchin: Was Photoshop allowed? The arial shot has a number of the beds cloned in.

Sort of defeats the purpose of that type of symmetry if it is finished in post.

How can you tell some are cloned in out of interest (not being critical but genuinely interested what the tell tale signs to look for are)?
I don't know the rules on this competition, but some competitions have a category for Classic View for example (where no manipulation like cloning allowed) and Your View where anything goes.

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whtchocla7e: If I already have the A7RII and I don't make large prints, why would I run out and get this new product? Am I posting on the wrong website?

I thought they both have the same sensor (if this what reference to large prints refers to). Or is there another improvement that affects large print 'quality' please?

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Joe Niepce: About 1/2 the price of a Sony A9, and the A9 has a lousy low-res sensor.


Its $4,499 v $3,299 so 73.33% rather than 50% isn't it?!

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jayboo: The Ona Bowery is my most used bag, both with Fuji System and Leica.... my wish would have been for a bag with an extra couple of inches width and depth, but it seem to me you are getting a bag of pretty much the same dimensions just a different form, not for me, and having looked at their range of bags, next size up is just too big and heavy. They are great bags, the Beacon would not be on my wish list though.

Have a look at the Billingham L2

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jrg: Damn hard website of they have to navigate and shop through...

Must be something to do with bag manufacturers' websites, the Crumpler website is much worse than Ona's!

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On article Sigma releases price and availability for sd Quattro H (370 comments in total)
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Eloise: £300 markup on UK price - $1200 / 1.25 (USD to GBP) * 1.2 (VAT).

You having a laff Sigma!?

This seems to be Sigma's recent pricing model in the U.K., started with the 12-24 lens.

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Jerry ZZ: I take better photos with my Iphone,.

Out of interest, there's a book called 'Why your 5 year old could not have done that: Modern Art Explained' !

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joe6pack: Sometimes I think that these lessor know organizations/contests use these "winners" to gain publicity. Say, to lure other photographers to submit their photos.

It's actually a pretty prestigious organisation and competition. Has been going since around 2004 and originally sponsored by Schweppes. Organised and exhibition held at the UK National Portrait Gallery. I've always found it a fascinating exhibition, I've been to about seven of the exhibitions (I don't live in London) and have all the exhibition catalogues! Although this winner might initially leave you wondering what it's all about, I'd really recommend the exhibition 100%, or at least Google it to see more. Maybe not conventional formal portraiture but fascinating.
Having said all that I agree with another poster with the comment "art is by consensus".

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On article Sigma 12-24mm F4 DG HSM Art real world sample gallery (216 comments in total)
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doc steel: compared with the nikon 14-24 or the little better tamron 15-30, the sigma is worse.
purple and cyan fringes in the edge, heavy distortion and not even sharp at 5.6.
not recommended!

Scottelly - the Nikon is more expensive in the US ($1897 v $1,599 at B&H), but in the UK the 14-24 can be bought at between £1,359 and £1,619 at most stores, whereas the Sigma is listed at £1,649, so more expensive. Until your post and looking up the Sigma price in the US I hadn't realised quite how much it's over-priced in the UK (after taking into account 20% VAT tax and the lower post Brexit pound)!
The Tamron 15-30 is between £799 and £929, so considerably less.
I compared the wide perspective of the three lenses here https://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/4058583#forum-post-58401654 fourth post down, and having seen the very nice images in this Sigma hands on, I'm still not clear that the Sigma shows a good enough reason for it's price.
I've used the 14-24 and it's a great lens, but I've never used the Tamron, or an ultra wide prime (like the Zeiss 15mm or Smayang 14mm).

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Well ... You get no feel for the size of it from that photo, look on the Kickstarter page and it looks enormous (and uncomfortable to me, but maybe it's not).
Another colour is waxed olive green which would lend itself to Barbour waxed jacket fans and if it's tough enough, maybe to people who go horse trecking or similar.
Is it waterproof? Waxed cotton normally is.
It's no more expensive than a Billingham bag and quite a bit less than some of them and looks quite a bit larger. From the photo here I thought it looked like a beach bag, but looking at their website maybe not, although some of the other products from Tiny Atlas Quarterly seem to be for the beach. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tinyatlas/tiny-atlas-solas-a-casual-camera-bag-for-photograp

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