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Resentful Canikonophiles seem to be dominating the comments on this camera -- to their own discredit.

Yeah as I said in an above post. Canon hasn't innovated in a long time. How many times did they say they were releasing a new "TXI camera" with the same 18 megapixel sensor with no real improvements in image quality. Sensor tech is where it's at and Canon and Nikon either didn't see the need to produce their own sensors or just didn't have the same resources Sony had to make a big splash now

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belnan: The A9 looks like a great camera, really does. But man does dpreview ever like sony I mean really really like sony. I guess we all have our favorites.

Honestly I think it's just the fact Sony is doing all of the innovation right now. Their sensors are the best in the business, bar none. Other manufacturers are using them (Nikon). The DSLR market has been pretty stale with little innovation over the past 5 or so years. How many times did Canon put out the same camera with no real upgrades (same sensor). Sony is a large enough corporate giant to weather the storm that has been created by the increasing quality of cell phone cameras (hell they even provide the sensor for those).

Don't blame DPR for being biased. Blame Canon and Nikon for lack of innovation for all intents and purposes and their products being meh

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undergrounddigga: It seems to me, that this camera is the perfect example for the introduction of unnecessarily large megapixels. I am an inexperienced, amateur photographer, and perhaps I'm wrong, but looking at these pictures, all I can see is that the Canon 600D completely outperforms Nikon 3200.

As an amateur I don't really understand, why would someone buy a Nikon 3200 camera? I found it too big to carry it with everyday, everywhere. I own a Canon G11 - which is a fabulous camera - as it brings smile to my face, absolutely adore using it. Let's face it, I will never be a paid photographer, so for me, taking pictures is to preserve great memories while I'm having fun.

However, I would have a question to a few pro's, if you don't mind.
The reason why I have looked at entry/mid range DSLRs myself, is the ability to take super-macro's (I work on microscopes, so I like that sort of stuff).
How does a Canon MP-E 65mm lens work with a camera such as 600D (FF too expensive/not worth it for me).

Of course the 600D would outperform the D3200. The D3200 and 600D are in totally different segments. The D600 D is probably going to get an upgrade in a few weeks so it would be best to compare the D3200 to the new 650D

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