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Jorginho: I seriously do not know about all brands, but for mFTs we have 25 mm f1.2, f1.4, f1.7 and f1.8 and they range from a nice price to quite expensive. So we have a choice there.
I honestly wonder a bit about Sony A6xxx etc system. Here it seems to be fully directed/geared towards FE and I think most lenses now are expensive?
Fuji? Canon seems to have almost nothing yet. Nikon1? Dead?

We can wonder: where are the mirrorless cams going? Samsung NX dead, Nikon1 almost dead, Sony NEX/A very little development...Currently only mFTs and Fuji seems to get some real development and SOny A7. That is it.

Oddly in the USA this summer and fall I have seen very few mirrorless users. The C&N DSLRs are so dominant from cheap to very nice.

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On article Throwback Thursday: Canon EOS 5D (222 comments in total)
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Donnie G: How about doing an article on the fake Canon made by Kodak that I believe was the inspiration for the original 5D in the first place? I've forgotten the name of the thing, but I'm pretty sure that the body was made by Cosina. Anyway, Kodak put their FF sensor in it, slapped an EF mount and Canon flash hotshoe on it and priced it at around $2800. Quite a few studios got sucker punched by Kodak with that one. :))

The body was actually made by Sigma it was the same one they used for their first digital models the SD9 & 10.

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On article 19 tips for better live music photography (110 comments in total)

Shooting in manual at bigger shows with dynamic lighting seems illogical.
Although using spot metering, -1-2 EV comp with RAW makes most sense.
Also Upper end Nikon's with highlight weighted metering is the bomb. Wish my 7200 had it.
If back in the crowd at big shows a 70-300VR works fine since their lighting is plenty good and is light enough to handle all night.

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Fully enjoyed the video! Too bad it will never get to own a set up like that.

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Welcome to the 3rd world Olympics.

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I am surprised Fuji has not been competing in the 1" premium compact market. That used to be a strong area for them.

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On article D500 owner formally accuses Nikon of false advertising (475 comments in total)

Nikon should not be engaging is selling vaporware. Sorry but they are promising features and not delivering. Besides why not allow regular wifi access through through existing WMU App. Its better to advertise feature after they are working, just bad business. Unlike Fuji that gives nice firmware feature upgrades regularly.

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Very sad, He was such a great voice to hear from in the world of photography. RIP Michael.

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On article Making a splash: Nikon D500 real-world sample gallery (228 comments in total)

The D500 as the new king of cropped photography really brings out new shooting styles like shooting into the sun. Yes my D7200 does a great job and I really like it their IQ is almost identical. But the body is really where the 500 steps out. For the cost of the upgrade I could add another Sigma 1.8 zoom. Decisions.

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On article Accessory Review: Peak Design Slide Camera Sling strap (146 comments in total)

Seriously the only big gripe is the latches are metal. I own one of these and the wrist stop and love the system. I use a drop in bag and tuck the strap in the tablet pouch and have never worried about my gear.
As far as all the folks nattering about the attachment loops, try them they are freaking strong and you would really have to use them a while to wear them out. I think the plastic ends of the straps would break before they do.

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Maybe Sigma needs to make an adapter for their lenses to SL mount. :-)
120-300 2.8 Hmmm.

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I love my SD14 and would love to upgrade. I use Nikon for most things now but why did they have to make it dedicated SA mount? They could have opened the world up to X3 if they would have made a new mirroless mount and adaptors for whatever you have. Sorry but they will never get the sales volume on these just selling to those willing to invest in Sigma glass exclusively. So close but so far away.

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Paul Petersen: I am not a Canon Shooter but there is a lot of stuff here in a competent package. Don't forget the great DSLR shooting experience of not having to worry about your battery all the time or lag for action shot.
This is a compelling package for a lot of folks.

Funny thing is I have mastered stopping baseballs over the plate using single shot. I have a surprising success rate.

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I am not a Canon Shooter but there is a lot of stuff here in a competent package. Don't forget the great DSLR shooting experience of not having to worry about your battery all the time or lag for action shot.
This is a compelling package for a lot of folks.

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Casual observation but dose the styling of the lens look quite like Sigma's Global Vision? Guess there was quite a bit to the failed purchase attempt.

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Sorry I am in the Nikon Camp, they did a nice job matching my D7200 specs and beating Nikon totally in the video game.
Although they are probably still lagging in the high iso dynamic range game.
Also they really are letting the 4k ship sail to Panasonic.
Nice upgrade for Daddy shooters like me.

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On photo Crystal Mill (condensed) in the A babbling brook challenge (36 comments in total)

Good Job!

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Blah Blah Blah I will curb my enthusiasm until some real world testing is done.
Trust yet verify.
And BTW its still too small for serious shooting.

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On article Top 5: Hands-on with Nikon D500 (783 comments in total)

I really like the new tech like snap bridge and tilting touch screen. I would use that a lot. The new meter would do more for me than the AF system. Highlight weighting could be really helpful since pulling shadows is not a problem anymore. Face detect also wins the day for auto AF selection.
Still enjoying the upgrade from a D90 to a D7200 so a lot of the features the D500 brings are nice but...
I am comfortable with the mode dial control layout but why not have the U1 U2 avalible on the Pro configuration.
10 Fps is really only 30% faster than the 7200.
No built in flash and you have add a gadget to get wireless flash so much for adding new tech. Nikon is addicted to accessories.
Is it really a pro body since it has as much metal as the 7200?
My iPhone shoots 4k without a crazy crop why can't Nikon do this too?
The bitter clingers will be happy to upgrade their D300's as for me I'm good for now.

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Paul Petersen: I don't own Samsung but was impressed with what they were demoing at PIX 2015. They are technological juggernaut that would push the industry to places the conservative Japanese would take the slow boat to.

Yes but even the latest the Mk2's lack features like a touch screen and warp speed frame rate. Sony also has to go big or go home in the camera market compared to C/N and their user base.

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