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davidashapiro: This is a really useful and helpful article. Thank you. I am strongly considering buying the E-M5 (it seems to be back-ordered everywhere I've looked though). I have a PEN EP2 - which I really like, especially the size.

Two questions: 1. Is it possible to set auto-bracketing easily? I do a lot of landscape photography and setting/unsetting bracketing on the EP-2 is a real pain. I don't see this listed as a feature on the custom dials..... (and if it isn't possible, please tell me the bracketing control is not set at the bottom level of a series of menus as for the EP-2).

2. Size. The E-M5 is clearly 'cute' and has small SLR look to it. However, for me the beauty of the PENs is their size/function ratio. I've left my Canon DSLR in the cupboard for the past 2 years. So, is Olympus planning a revised PEN - with many of the features of the E-OM5?

As far as size goes, I just upgraded from the EP3. The size is no larger unless you add the grip - which is I did and is quite nice.

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