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Magnar W: Using a Sony camera at the coast? Take a calculated risk to get your pictures, and don't let others pay for your mistakes if things goes wrong! ;-)

People are still missing the point "Weather-sealed " means nothing. it's only sealed until it isn't that could be an hour a day or 3 years. Always treat your camera as if water is going to get inside. Never trust the claims and just maybe one day when your inattentive and a water accident happens it may save your but

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joe_leads: Hey Sony, if you are at it: I'd like to have a proper on-camera AF assist light for better AF in low light. Not the one that is integrated into my camera, because it is hidden by the lens most of the time, and not integrated in a flash, because I want to use it with my studio flash. Can you do that?

My F717 had ghe best illuminator of all. Wish they'd bring it back

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chrishg: I have heard reports that the camera is not very sharp or in-focus for distances. Can you verify this.

Thank you, this is what I wanted to hear. I'm setting up a business to do aerial photography and drones with gopro will be the first thing and I was a little concerned about the lenses in these.

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this isn't anything new. they didn't do this with electrical components. and in Taiwan they learn quickly how to clean metal parts. stuff just rusts sitting in the humid air there so it's always on your mind.

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Josh152: The thing people are loosing sight of is that a radio station deals with copyright, licensing and advertising all the time. They knew what the law and industry standards are for this type of thing. They obviously knew what they did was wrong even as they did it. The radio station was just playing the odds that the photographer would never find out and lost. Then they try to offer an insultingly low amount for using a image that for that type of add campaign. It's like they dont' understand there is a differnce in the price and value between some guy off the street who is just happy his work is good enough be used in this manor and a real pro trying to make a living.

Both parties should have been more professional about it though. If you can afford it it is probably best to contact a copyright violator through an attorney and the radio station most certainly should have used an attorney to communicate and negotiate once they were accused of the violation.

They did this knowing what they were doing. they chose not to pay the photographer they already had from before and use the work from another photographer that they had no relations with probably with the idea that it was so limited a publication they would never get caught.

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Cy Cheze: There is a frugal, legal way for broadcasters and publishers to get almost limitless quantities of catalogues images: sponsor a contest, invite everyone to submit entires by means of an upload page that requires the participant to tag the subject and cede rights, and give the lucky winner a nominal reward: perhaps a weekend in Vegas, with $50 in complementary casino chips, or a Lytro.

This is a fact. Even those who get indignant at the concept must concede that the approach works well and they, in the sponsors' shoes, would do exactly the same. It's probably more ethical than state lotteries.

Yes but millions of crap images are not worth anything. one good image can be worth thousands.

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The headline should read. "Developers make more on Android apps than IOS Apps" . therefore Developers should develop for Android first to take advantage of that and the bigger user base.

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is there a mobile version of the forums?

Also I've been here from nearly the beginning but my ID was crossed with another user the first time the database got tangled in 1999 or 2000 and my sign up date might be wrong or actually cause the software some problem because of the crossed record if it's soemthing the new system has to look up.

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Nobody involved in this is even thinking about the Cameras. everyone wants the Endoscopes.

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