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HowaboutRAW: So none of the manual focus ones from 3rd party manufacturers qualify?


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MarcoSartoriPhoto: First thing, I like the image/photo.
Second: I'd like to say that this looks as if it was taken from Mount Paderno, and in that case the bigger city on the horizon can oonly be Cortina d'Ampezzo: not that big to cause all that "boucing lights".
I believe it's "just" a sunset.
Again, PP was well done.

The picture is taken near Patternsattel / focella Lavaredo. Mount Paderno is just 250m lower than the grande Cime. The vista from there would give a view more from above and right, exposing more of its north face.

Cortina is indeed the only small city and siuated directly behind the grande cime. In between Grande cime and Cortina there is Monte cristallo that is 2000 m higher than The Cime. I also think that the yellow is sunset.

No idea about light polution nowadays. I climbed the grande cime 15 years ago, along the ridge that we are looking at. It really got dark by the time we started our last rappel.

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jhinkey: Nice effort, but the flashes should not be visible in the shot - photoshop them out?

Seems like you need to take a second effort at this with the flashes hidden or make some custom flashes that are much smaller (like LED-based high speed flashes) - disconnect the flash heads from the body with a wire in between so that just the flash head itself needs to be hanging off the sail, or something like that. A flash slightly down in the hull pointing up at the sail or horizontally at her might have been a better option.

I know more about laser sailing than photograpy. The first thing i thought was that there was a massive block of ice on the vang?! My conclusion is that the flashes do distract if you know about laser sailing.

However, i like the pictures and know how extremely difficult it is to get good dinghy pics. For me it is hard to get better images than my sons with their gopro creativity.

Could a petzl powerled headlight (continuous light source) be of any help?

We have a 29er with crew if you need a more challenging subject. Even the go pro struggels there!

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