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Smaller sized 18-55 portending a Nikon mirrorless with interchangeable lenses?

You know they have to do it sooner or later no matter how laconic they have been on jumping on the MILC bandwagon. I've given a lot of money to Fuji because Nikon is a Johnny come lately to MILC!

This new lens is slightly smaller than Fuji's XF 18-55 and 2/3 the weight - of course the Fuji has faster aperture and better build quality. Maybe they'll finally realize the mistake of Nikon 1 and get serious about DX-sized sensor MILC.

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DimensionSeven: 4 stops of VR?
Is my assumtion correct that this means it's the good old VRII, not the latest VRIII seen in the 70-200 f/4?

Nikon Web site confirms it's VR II

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skyrunr: RAW issues are usually easy to work around. We would certainly benefit from DNG being standardized, but that just isn't going to happen. I'd like Lightroom to at least support the PNG format just so that I can catalog web images and screenshots along with my other photos.

Ditto on PNG - workaround is Bridge can do batch export of PNG to JPG and then can bring into Lightroom . Only thing I ever use Bridge for anymore.

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qwertyasdf: Why is the X-Pro1 more expensive than the X-E1?
X-Pro1 has awful AF, and a gimmicky OVF

Autofocus is the same on X-Pro1 and X-E1 when you use the same lens and firmware. X-Pro1 offers optical viewfinder and higher resolution LCD - whether cost is justified depends on your needs - for some it's worth it.

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