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On article RIP Lightroom 6: Death by subscription model (1630 comments in total)
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opiecat: i will no way go into the CC model.
i used to recommend LR, but not with the CC model.

What's a good/better alternative to LR?

Those all handle the editing half. What about asset management?

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paulfulper: With my Sony A7 +Pentax 67 105mm 2.4 , I 'll shoot 100 iso, f11, 500th, second and remove the solar filter .....
Any advice for me ???

Hi Paul, I think you're mistaken. A 105mm lens is a 105mm lens is a 105mm lens. The size of the sensor it's on determines the "effective focal length" and the pixel density of the sensor determines how "big" the image will be. I believe a 105mm lens on a 6x7 would be a "Normal" lens, giving you the 35mm equivalent of around 50mm. But if you stick that 105mm lens on a full frame camera, it'll give you the same field of view as a Canon 24-105mm lens at the telephoto end.

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paulfulper: With my Sony A7 +Pentax 67 105mm 2.4 , I 'll shoot 100 iso, f11, 500th, second and remove the solar filter .....
Any advice for me ???

There are tons of websites out there with the technical details on how to shoot the eclipse. Here's one by a forum member:

At 1/500th of a second, you won't get much of the corona, I don't think. Also, a 105mm lens will give you a very tiny sun. Like 3x the size of the one in the sailing photo above. But it depends on what kind of shot you're going for.

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Ivan Paganacci: What are the odds that the sun and the moon appear the same size in the sky? That's what I wonder whenever there's an eclipse. Maybe I should just take a picture instead.

Brotherbill, you probably saw this one in 1979:,_1979

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Dean Mindock: Here's an interactive map with essential info for Aug 21 2017. I don't know how the guy did it but it is beyond awesome, a real achievement.

I downloaded Xavier's Eclipse Maestro software last week. My plan is to create scripts to run my cameras, so I can spend most of my time enjoying the eclipse and not chimping. I'll also have a motorized mount driving two cameras, and a third one for other shots. And I've read Dyer's excellent ebook where he says "Here's how to shoot an eclipse, but if you've never seen on before then don't shoot ANYTHING. Just watch it!!" ;)

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Sdaniella: Canon is selling their cameras and/lenses with an "Eclipse" pkg

basically, selling the addition of a max ND filter along with any required step-up ring where necessary:

the filter they are specifically promoting is a Hoya filter, here:

HOYA PRO ND100000 (5.0) 67mm (or 3 other sizes)

The PRO ND100000 (5.0) has a 16 3/5-stops light reduction equal to a ND density of 5.0 and 0.001% transmission factor.

the extremely neutral nature is high and it's most suitable to take a picture of the sun.

this ND100000 can get longer exposures than their other ND1000 (10 Stops) filter

other choices less effective (if more transmission combined options preferred) ...

Looks like B&H will have it in about a month

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On article Sigma releases price and availability for sd Quattro H (370 comments in total)
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nerd2: So how on the earth is 25+6+6MP is equivalent to 51MP ?

Just for reference, my DP2 Merrill is a 3x15 megapixel sensor. Sigma would say it's a 46mp sensor. It's RAW files are around 50mb each.

You can't directly compare a Sigma file to a Bayer file just by looking at the numbers, though. My Sigma's output files are 15 megapixels, but they resolve more like a 30mp Bayer image. I've blown up a couple of my Sigma images to 2x3 feet and they look fantastic, which would wouldn't expect on a 15mp file.

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AustinMN: So...more than 65% of their graduates were in default on their student loans?

I paid my student loans, my wife and I paid hers (she was paying before we were married), both of our daughters have completely paid theirs, and our son has never missed a payment on his.

Are these people just not bothering?

More like most of them couldn't get jobs in the photography biz that paid enough to cover their loans.

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Was this Lower or Upper? I thought you could only see the sunbeams at Upper Antelope Canyon. Just for fun, try playing with the white balance. You can get some really amazing colors out of these shots.

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On article 11 Cool Photography-Related Kickstarter Projects (48 comments in total)

EZ-Steady came out last year

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On article Toshiba announces its first "Flash Air' WiFi SDHC card (40 comments in total)

How is this different than an EyeFi?

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On photo REJ_7496 VSD in the The Business of Photography challenge (24 comments in total)

Back around New Year's I was in Vegas and visited the Peter Lik galleries for the first time, and really liked that tree. Almost bought the framed print for $5000, but wisely decided not to.

One thing I took away from him is that, while there are certain photos that require resources that most of us do not possess (e.g, how many times did he visit that garden waiting for the tree and weather to be "just right" for the two photos he shot there?) others, like Antelope Canyon, are available to any yutz like myself who just goes during the right time of the year with a decent camera and tripod.

Does anyone know a lab that prints on that same metallic paper?

(btw, I know your photo predates his - it's a great one!)
- Seth -

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On photo REJ_7496 VSD in the The Business of Photography challenge (24 comments in total)

That's a great shot. But I have to this tree a famous landmark or something?

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