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On article Lytro plenoptic camera used for fashion shoot (100 comments in total)

for high end cameras ?

Current aesthetic trend in digital photography is to push DOF to extremes -, stretch the old rules of focus to it's limit. Extreme blur and sharpness; toy town fx - large areas of unfocus now acceptable even in tv and cinema imagery. Currently, the new Lytro plays into this trend.
But Lytro has potential where multiple planes of focus may be present without the need to carry equiv. lenses (extreme wide/ zoom travel lenses).
Lytro could also be developed where one could select in pp, multiple focal plains AT THE SAME TIME and set parameters for each plain. This could introduce a new aesthetic of working towards images with extreme subtleties of sharpness over multiple plains. It would also bypass current PS mask, selections, unsharp mask & blur filter work required to create the same kind of fx.
What one ends up with is a new set of possible parameters. I don't think they guarantee quality without complexity.

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