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Tried it - could not load a Sony A7RII raw file so never got to the features. Told me there was an error in an external app

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Yup - because Kickstarter drone campaigns really deliver .. err ... hmm .. perhaps not.

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SNS-HDR - better all round. Latest beta is exceptional

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aris14: To my POV the only reason to name this roundup semi-pro is to justify editors to post the which cam I should buy. Pros do not really need any suggestions. Except third class pros maybe...

Actually, most pros do not swap bodies each time new ones come out. I still run the 5DII's on each shoot. The images they deliver are no worse than when they came out - and were acceptable then. What I am looking for is the business advantage that translates into either significant time savings or new opportunities. Thus, a 2-3 stop DR improvement would save a boat load of luminosity masking for my work - could shave 4-5 hours off processing. Reviews are useful to point out improvements that I can then translate into my work. I'd not just go out and rent bucket loads of equipment - who's paying for that time? A good quality review (and not all DRP reviews fall into this camp) will highlight the various aspects of a new body and (hopefully) point out where there are significant changes. HF top 4k video - not interested ; 15 stop DR at ISO 100, very interested.

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Very confused. How the heck are the D810 and 5DIII categorised as semi-pro? They are both workhorses of pros who do not need to shoot 10+ fps. Maybe I should stop making money in architecture as a don't have a "pro" camera.

Odd choice of equipment to group together - almost like the team responsible at DPR don't really use these for a living. However, I recognise it is just a bad choice of title hiding an otherwise ok'ish round-up of FF cameras. Not sure the A7RII should come out on top, I have both it and a 5DIII system and would turn to the latter if I had to guarantee delivering in anything but ideal weather or if the subject decided to move.

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ms18: How did you freeze with 1/60?

Hi, sorry, missed your question. I was flying alongside it in another plane. Needed the slow shutter to blur the prop.

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And still no sign of equivalent Android apps ... are Apple paying Adobe to keep the s/w on their platform?

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How can it be more in £ than Euros? Irrelevant but odd ...

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Picturenaut: I have the feeling that Adobe turns out to be the Microsoft of imaging business, they may be on the way to lose contact to the majority of their customers. Adobe should take the Windows 8 disaster as a writing on the wall.

Cloud computing has its pros and cons, I expect most software providers to move to CC. For us in Germany, as an example, this could be a disaster, since our grid is vintage and our telecommunication companies don't invest. At the latest if many people here start to edit their videos using cloud, the whole net will break down... I am not sure which countries in the world are in the same situation but this may cut sales potential for Adobe seriously. And will China allow free CC traffic with Adobe's servers? Including "critical" image material? Wouldn't bet on it.

I use Photoshop CS6, LR 4, and other Adobe stuff, and I will definitely will make up my mind about leaving Adobe's ship on the long run. Clever rats always find other good ships ;-)

Arrrrgggg .. the s/w does NOT run in the Cloud ... you don't store (by default) anything in the cloud. It just validate your license occasionally. A system that, according to Adobe, can even be done on a 3G wireless connection as it uses so little data.

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Danny: Just out of curiosity.. is there any PS-user out here (or there) that does like the CC policy?


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To be fair, any tablet can be used without an app - just create an image with the pattern / gradient / colour you want and show that in a pic viewer.

I do get a feeling the Apple contingent is pre-eminent amongst contributors though .. :)

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That design looks almost identical to the 3 Legged Thing's Brian travel tripod ....

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<sigh> If you want to rant about sly photography go have as pop at the 1000's of security cameras that capture your every move in every city.

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One of the best HDR processing apps around.

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Sadly, no real updates to V1 in 18 months and now v2 - s/w slow and gives worse results than Oloneo, SNS or even Photomatix. Support request went unanswered for 12 months. Shame.

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