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Dante Birchen: Now that Sony has it dpreview can be enthusiastic about it. Stressing advantages more than disadvantages. Back when Pentax introduced this in the K-3 II it was oh it's nice but you can't use it for anything practical :p

The jealousy in the comments is strong. Confusing, but strong.

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Paul Amyes: M4/3 is getting very porky. The Sony A7r ii is a little lighter (35g to be precise) and the Canon 6d mk ii is only 100g heavier. Then there is the price, at approx $2400 AUD that is well into full frame territory.

There's an equivalency issue here that seems to be getting glossed over. If you have a 4/3 sensor, then the f2 lens you put on it is not the same as the f2 lens you put on your FF. It's really like an f4. It's about the size of the aperture and that doesn't care what size the sensor is. So I'm not convinced that all is smaller with 4/3, just that you get slower lenses so they can be smaller. There are small slow lenses available for most systems.

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S Yu: This isn't particularly fast for an SSD, even an old SATA interface could handle this, this might have been called fast 3 years ago, but it's on Gen.2 USB3.1 and isn't using half its bandwidth.

That's true, it should've been a little b - thanks for correcting. Point stands though

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S Yu: This isn't particularly fast for an SSD, even an old SATA interface could handle this, this might have been called fast 3 years ago, but it's on Gen.2 USB3.1 and isn't using half its bandwidth.

Guys, we're talking read and write speeds of the ssd. Sure USB 3.1 can transfer data very very fast, but show me the ssd that can write or read data at 10 GB/s. The best SSDs for most consumers right now get maybe up to 2/3 GB/s and yes they use pci-e/NVMe. They also cost ~300$ for half a TB. Here you are getting fast speeds, 2 TB of storage, and its in a travel size. That's pretty good. The complaining is out of place.

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On article Apple to cease development of Aperture (425 comments in total)
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Poss: Thanks Apple for pushing me firmly into Adobe’s hands.
One of the deciding factors of getting a MBP instead of a “regular” win laptop was Aperture. I was opening my wedding business and wanted a good, project oriented, raw workflow solution that enabled me to post process and output stuff under an integrated environment all within a colour managed umbrella throughout. Aperture was that application. To this very day, its integrated album design/ book making is better than anything else on the market. I know some would argue there are better solutions out there and I agree to a degree but in terms of an integrated one app stop, Aperture is still better (no offence to other wedding folk out there with a CC-Fundy or similar workflow).
It is obvious Apple is more concerned now with its iOS/ consumer cash cows than its old pro user base. What this will mean for the working pros remains to be seen. My new workhorse is an 8 core Dell and my next laptop might end up being a high spec Asus….

Gesture - *whispers*get a pc, you can do whatever you want, build it however you want, install anything you want on it

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happy guardian: no 1080p in 2014? no thanks

Do you think on a 4" screen it'll be that noticeable?

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Michael Ma: I get the sense that everything cool that this device does, you can get the newer Androids to do it when the apps become available.

I doubt all the newer androids will have 4 cameras on the front with infrared to be able to tell where you're looking even in the dark.

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On article Fujifilm X100S Review (493 comments in total)
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lmtfa: Their are more "CONS" listed here than their are in Pelican Bay Prison. And it still gets an 81% + Gold Award. So it has been decided by those in charge, make a "Retro" looking camera and name it Fujifilm and bingo it's a world class winner. I wish I had my Brownie that I got from Kellogg's Corn Flakes box tops. It surely would garner a 83% and don't call me Shirley:-))

I've had a sony nex, nikon d600 and a canon 60d and I use this camera 5x more than I have any others. To me it's a Gold no doubt. I think there might be a lot of things people think can be better, but the good far outweighs them.

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mpgxsvcd: You definitely won't ever need to use RAW with this camera. The RAW mode is already cooked just as much as the jpg mode. I don't see that as a plus though.

When I don't intend to edit the image at all I use jpg. When I want to edit the image I want all of the data to be there and that is not possible in RAW mode with this camera.

How in the world could you describe this as a serious professional camera. It basically doesn't have RAW? If Nikon or Canon did this everyone would be complaining majorly.

I shoot in Raw + Jpg constantly. Typically shoot b&w jpg or velvia and can easily just use the jpg ooc. However, sometimes I blow the highlights or do some other silly things and having the RAW allows me to recover it wonderfully. Not using raw seems odd to me - it's the best way for me to ensure I don't screw up a shot I really don't want to screw up.

I mean just look at the file sizes - one obviously has a lot more in it than the other...

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BoJangles: I just bought the red version at my local shop, Pro Photo in Irvine, CA for $139.00 while using it this past weekend. It's very well constructed supporting my D800, weighs practically nothing saving costly luggage pounds, all with a very smooth fluid ball head and easy operation. One very impressive tripod for the price.

The 139$ appears to be the old version that cannot turn into a monopod. Can you confirm?

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On article Just Posted: Hands-on Nikon D600 preview (376 comments in total)
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ManuelVilardeMacedo: Just been seeing some pictures taken with the D600 here:
The resolution is simply breathtaking, with unbelievable levels of detail, but we must be prepared for some moiré and will need a top-end graphics card and a multi-core processor to deal with the heavy files - though it's not so extreme a camera as the D800E.
I want one so bad it hurts!

It won't need any different pc/laptop equipment than any other camera out there right now. I didn't even know they still made single core processors for anything other than a phone...???

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Mach Schnell: Holy cow! Are they serious? $1,700. That is 3 times what I paid for the extremely good Sigma 150mm f/2.8. I can't fathom why it would cost so much more. I don't think they'll get many takers at that price.

Well, since the 105 and 150 both say they have a MSRP of 1400-1600, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't actually pay that much... just like always...

Also, how did the OP only pay ~$550 for the 150 macro? You must mean the one with no OS. The new one goes for about $1100.

This is not out of the ordinary - stop flipping out. Show me another > 150mm macro that's stabilized and doesn't cost that much...

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On article User Review: Gura Gear Kiboko 30L Backpack (113 comments in total)

If you have to put the tripod on the side where it's unbalanced, then it's not a hiking pack. Is there only one water holder? Can you strap a tent or any other gear on there?

Stop saying these are hiking packs when they're really just nice summer strolling packs. You cant go hiking with just camera gear... or if u do, then you are either ill prepared or not really hiking anywhere even remotely tough.

Hmm ... upon rereading I guess it isn't advertised as a hiking pack... oops

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On article Just Posted: Sony NEX-F3 hands-on preview (67 comments in total)
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chadley_chad: Well, better late than never on the review ... Shame every other gadget site on the web beat you sees ago!

What? Who else already reviewed the F3?

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smileblog: Why is the ISO range not same as NEX-5N?
- NEX-F3: 200-16000
- NEX-5N: 100-25600

I think both cameras have same sensor.

Compare it to the NEX-C3, which is what it replaces, and I think you'll find it's the same. Just something they do to differentiate the cameras (5N is supposed to be more enthusiast than C3/F3).

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On Challenge:6621 (20 comments in total)

Wow, this was the first challenge I entered. Didn't realize the voting was so poor. Seriously like 2 down votes and you're done. The results are a bit silly in my opinion.

If you enter the contest you should at least spend the time to vote on the photos. I think there were like 4-5 votes total for most photos. Poor show...

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On article Canon launches EOS 60Da DSLR for astrophotography (229 comments in total)
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DaveMarx: Why does a camera strapped to a telescope, that's being pitched on the benefits of the camera's LCD display for viewing (hard to use an OVF when the mirror's locked up)... why does it need a mirror, OVF, and focal plane shutter (besides dust control)?

It's not sensor size any more. If I was Sony, and I was interested in making a splash in the scientific community, why not in astrophotography, with all its passionate amateurs? Save those budget-strapped folks a small bundle by ditching unnecessary mechanical systems, and it reduces weight-related stress on the telescope to boot. AND, it'll still do fine as a general-purpose camera.

Sure, for someone who owns a pile of Canon glass, and is using that camera for a whole lot more than astrophotography... it's another set of tools on the Swiss Army Knife. But this would have been a really cool way for Canon to introduce its mirrorless camera. It's not like they don't know how to make 'em. They're called pro video cameras.

The Sony Nex5n or 7 would probably be perfect (I'd imagine) as they are basically what you're asking for (no mirror or OVF and a really good live view). But no, they aren't `optimized` for astrophotography.

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On article Sony announces NEX-FS700 '4k-ready' E-mount camcorder (237 comments in total)
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tkbslc: Now they just need some good E mount lenses to go with it. Only one right now is the CZ 24mm.

The sensor and resolution characteristics are different than those of the NEX APS-C system cameras. Quite possibly the lenses available right now will perform very well with this camera.

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