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Being a full time working photographer is no longer a privilege (30+ years). 80% of all full time working pros or companies over the past 5 years have gone into business failure or are struggling. It's just business. We have changed directions for our company and are doing OK. Technology, the divorce rate, the multitudes of hobbyists and part timers flooding the market have shifted the entire business landscape in the last 10 years. No complaining here, but I wouldn't want her as a customer. It's a business first with marketing and understanding what a photographer can do to make a living. The key is to be flexible and find the areas that make money. Wedding money is shrinking for the true pro as many do not want to spend 3000.00 for one day (hah!) on a relationship that in the back of their mind may not last. The economy has left us short as well. So, be flexible. Seek good advice and add other related areas to you biz plan. BTW, I thought this was a forum not FB...:).

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From a still full time working pro: Well, bless her little heart for my 4.5 years of a college degree, 30 years of experience, a company van, continuing ed, advertising fees, association fees, gear costs, software and computer investments, and oh what the heck, experience to give her the best of shots than an amateur, insurances, liabilities for screwing up that one day, the job costs for assistants, job costs for ALL the processing and printing and that's just some of it if you leave out studio/office space, accountants, lawyers, etc.

But, I love it and the same people who complain ignorantly at our prices are the same ones who will disappointed for life at their wedding pics when they get them back from their cousin who has a D40 with a kit lens and read "Wedding Photography for Dummies" the week before the shoot.

Yeah, the market is flooded with people who will do it for next to nothing. It happens and I have had a great run. She doesn't know and I hope she gets good pics.

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