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On article Hasselblad unveils pixel-shifting 200MP H5D-200c MS (231 comments in total)

nice for astrophotogrphy too!

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On article Get more accurate color with camera calibration (242 comments in total)
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andyshon: When shooting raw, the colour profile selected in camera has no effect on the image data. The raw image is stored with no colour space conversion applied, the in camera sRGB/AdobeRGB setting is intended for JPEG shooting. This setting may be stored as a metadata value in the raw file but only has any effect when you process the file to RGB in post. And thus setting it one way or the other would have no effect on the calibration process.

Sorry to be so pedantic but my students regularly make this mistake and loose marks because of it. Reading the same misconception on here isn't going to help them.

i think manufacturers color profiles in lightroom were meant.

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On article Get more accurate color with camera calibration (242 comments in total)

Some people here seem to miss the point.
No it is not the same as white balance.

What it does is redefine what the red green and blue components are for every pixel in the light and in the dark. So it restructures the way your image is built from the raw info. This is done by an itterative process much like the calibration procedure for you monitor, printer or scanner does. That's why it needs a target like the macbeth colourchart.

You can achieve the same with the free adobe dng profile creator and a classic macbeth chart.

True: you have to consider different lighting conditions because they tend to throw off the calibration (as with any cal). On the other hand, if you have done a good job calibrating your sensor, you use white balance for the rest.

Here's a link to some scripts that help you go a little deeper in how it works.

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This would have got my attention a couple of months ago.

It looks like a sweet deal, but I am still waiting what this means in Euro's.
They haven't won me back, and the trust surely isn't back, but we'll see...

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Interesting that Adobe chose to directly go to LR5.2 from LR5.0

Nice enhancements, but I am going to wait with the update until at least a couple of weeks after the final release. So by mid September I'll be finally able to get rid of the pesky bugs in LR5.0 after a couple of months.

So... this cloud thing, what was it that they said? Faster updates?

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On article Adobe releases subscription-only Photoshop CC (397 comments in total)

Every sane argument has already been made for me to say 'no'.
I'll stick with LR5, PSCS6 for a couple more years and then probably go with Capture one to replace LR and perhaps something else for PS. But I'll see how the alternatives evolve. Adobe lost me as a future customer.

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I want mine made of non melting chocolat

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