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Where is Fujifilm 200mm F2

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Please ask Chris and Jordon to make a new animation video for "the mirrorless party"

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Androole: The question is not whether or not it's significantly improved, but how it compares with its direct competitors like the GH4, E-M1, A6000, NX1, and A7 II. Add the 7D II and D7200 in there if you please. It may be better, it may be worse, but without testing, the hyperbole surrounding these announcements sounds...excessive.

The X-T1 was dead last in TheCameraStoreTV's mirrorless autofocus shootout last year. You can call the methodology flawed or inconsistent, but there needs to be some proof to the contrary before we people revise their opinions.

TheCameraStoreTV actually posted a new video on X-T1 firmware 4.0. They found the new AF is amazing.

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I hope the lightning connector will not bend easily.

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Badrmino: Battery life is a huge disappointment, I have only tried Sony and fuji and there is a big difference. I feel that they are not investing enough to improve in battery and power saving (compared for example to the mobile phone). It is 5 years since the first nex camera..!

It is the same as the phone industry. You can have 7 days battery life for a feature phone, or just 7 hours for a smart phone. If you just use it to make calls, you will be upset using a smart phone. If you enjoy using apps on the smart phone, you can live with short battery life.

I have no problem taking 1000 pictures with my Fuji X-T1 on one charge. It will never match DSLR on battery performance, as it obviously needs more power for EVF or focusing. So what, I enjoy the benefits seeing how the picture will look before I press the shutter, as well as the light weight and compact size. The battery is good enough for me.

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Sandwell: If I promise to buy a shiny new 56mm, do you think Fuji will give me the same update for my XE-2?

I gave up waiting and sold my X-M1 for X-T1.

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zither: I would really appreciate if Fuji can make effort on energy consumption savings and double/triple the battery time in the next firmware update, oh yeah !!!

You can disable pre-AF and high performance mode in firmware 3.0. You can get double battery time.

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(unknown member): It seems like a reasonably good camera, but a Canon EOS 100 SLR with a fixed (but interchangeable) 24mm pancake lens and slightly better sensor does most of the same stuff for a fraction of the cost. The Fuji only has USB2, no image stabilization, probably needs an adapter to take filters and probably requires very expensive Fuji brand batteries. I really don't see the attraction to this product.

X100T has got a bigger sensor than 100D or 7D

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Red G8R: Lots of reports of faster AF. Could this be true?

I just tested with my XT1 on 35mm and 56mm with aperture wide open.
The AF speed is about the same for PDAF.
The AF speed is about the same for CDAF.
The chance to get PDAF is much higher under the same scenario with the new firmware, which I usually get the slower CDAF with old firmware. So overall you can get a much better AF experience.

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Canon just realized mirrorless cameras are more than a point and shoot with removable lens. M1 should have been what M3 is offering right now.

Sony and Fuji demonstrated mirrorless can be the future. Now Canon is at least 2 years late. I hope Canon is serious this time. Don't use black and white LED matrix and compact flash anymore.

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On article Opinion: Do we really need the Fuji X30? (322 comments in total)

It is definitely disappointing Fuji stuck with the old 12M pixel sensor. I expected X30 to carry an 1" sensor or higher M pixel version.

There is little benefit for existing X20 owners to upgrade. You can buy X-A1 at the same price, but you will get APS-C sensor and a similar set of compelling features.

Anyway, I am glad Fuji made a lot of enhancement to the firmware, such as customizable Q menu and AF buttons.

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On article Canon announces EOS M2 in Japan (609 comments in total)

Canon did a great job making fans think mirrorless is just a low cost compact camera with removable lens. Turn them back to overpriced DSLR's.

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Adhib97: So purely becasue of this problem, your not even going going to bother with a review? I'VE BEEN WAITING AGES FOR A F***ING REVIEW, YET YOUR NOT EVEN GOING TO ATTEMPT JUST BECASUE OF THIS! DPREVIEW YOU ARE A BIG JOKE!

I think they are too busy with 5D-III and X-Pro1. There are plenty of reviews of X-S1 out there anyway.

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wongcy0225: I live in Hong Kong, and I have phoned Fuji local service center yesterday. Their staff told me that they didn't hear this announcement from headquarter, so they can not provide the exchange service for me. Anyone give me idea? What should I do? Should I send the email to Japan Fuji?
It's make me very frustrated, "We encourage any customer with an X10 and X-S1 who has experienced the ‘white disc’ phenomenon to call their local authorized Fujifilm service centre." In fact, I have already called the local service center, and they did't give me an answer..

I think the distributor is
The parent company is
中港照相影器材集團有限公司 (Stock Code: 1123)

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Are we going to see this statement on fuji's web site officially?

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I am really looking for Mar 12. I own a X-S1 and I am experiencing the white orbs problem too. I like taking pictures at night. The issue causes a lot of troubles when taking pictures in shopping malls with my friends. A lot of orbs with the in door lighting.

Before I bought X-S1, I though Fujifilm would have made improvement that white orbs won't occur with this model. I also did not see any complaints from the forum (coz I bought it too soon) before I bought it.

So far I don't see any firmware update for X-S1. I hope Fujifilm would also concern about the customers who bought X-S1, and provide update or recall for this model. X-S1 costs more than X10.

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