For more than 40 years, photographer Lynn Johnson has turned her lens on hidden and at-risk communities all over the world. In this video she explains how a grant from Sony helped her to complete a long-term project with non-profit Ripple Effect Images in Cambodia, focusing on the effects of drug-resistant TB.

Lynn spent time with two healthcare workers, working in remote Cambodian villages

Somewhere in the world, it is estimated that someone dies of TB every 20 seconds. During the course of the project, Lynn spent time with two healthcare workers in remote Cambodian villages. The resulting collection of photographs has been made available to other non-profits working on behalf of women and children around the world.

In this interview, Lynn explains why outrage is such a strong motivating force, and how as a photographer, she still gets excited by the power of images to form a bridge between people and communities. You can see more images from her portfolio below.

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