Portrait of the photographer

Film nostalgia in photography might be all the rage today – it seems a lot of people are hungry for that 'organic, analog look' – but for Seattle photographer Sofi Lee, nostalgia for vintage digital compacts is a lot more fun. And it's the limitations of these cameras that help to set Sofi's professional work apart from the crowd.

Lee only graduated college two years ago, but in that short time has amassed quite a few clients in the Pacific Northwest by shooting beautiful images that, yes, feature blown highlights, chromatic aberration, rudimentary noise reduction, coma and more.

Tell me about your professional work as a photographer.

I do photography and animated GIFs, mostly for journalistic purposes. My Seattle clients include Seattle Weekly, The Stranger, City Arts and the Weekly Volcano in Tacoma. Nationally I’ve worked for Vice.

Sofi shoots a lot of portrait work for publication in the Pacific Northwest. This image, of the band Pleather [Claire Nelson and Andrew McKibben], was shot on a Fujifilm FinePix E900.
Photo: Sofi Lee

I know you spend a lot of time shooting with digital camer