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GH3 or E-M5? (via imaging-resource.com)
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GH3 or E-M5? (via imaging-resource.com)
I took two RAW files from imaging-resource.com . One was from ir's review on the E-M5, the other was from ir's preview of the GH3. Both were taken with identical settings. I then converted both images to DNG files in Adobe DNG Converter 7.3 and opened them in RawTherapee, where I set the Postprocessing Profiles of both to 'neutral-UnchangedTransforms' and the Color Management Input Profile of both to 'none'. I changed these settings in order to have as neutral a view of the two files as possible, telling RawTherapee to ignore camera-specific instructions for processing both images. I then adjusted Exposure Compensation on the E-M5 file by plus 0.58 EV, in order to compensate for the difference in brightness between the images caused by resetting the first two settings. I've uploaded both images here - can you tell which is which?
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GH3 vs EM5
GH3 vs EM5
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Uploaded: Feb 21, 2013 (UTC)
Focal length: 50 mm
Shutter speed: 1/50 sec
Aperture: F8
ISO: 200
Exposure comp.: +1.00


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