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Moonrise, Los Angeles
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Moonrise, Los Angeles
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Captured: Dec 29, 2020
Uploaded: Mar 21, 2021 (UTC)
Focal length: 300 mm
Shutter speed: 1/15 sec
Aperture: F6.3
ISO: 100
Exposure comp.: +1.00


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Astro Landscapes
Astro Landscapes

(Continued 2/2, because I can't edit the captions with this much text...)

As far as I can tell, all three conditions have only been this excellent on the same day likely only three or four times in the last ~15 years, and from the other photos I've seen of those events, none were as crystal clear as this one.

I used a Sony A7 III and Tamron's new 70-300mm that is made specifically for mirrorless cameras; it is an incredibly lightweight combo and one of the sharpest "kit tele zoom" lenses I have ever seen at 300mm. There was a light breeze blowing, so to get sharp results at 300mm I used my most rugged tripod and set it up without extending the legs at all, spread apart one notch, to create minimal wind interference and maximum stability. This is a single frame from a time-lapse of the entire moonrise.

10 months ago*
Astro Landscapes
Astro Landscapes

(1/2, because I can't edit the captions with this much text...)

For conditions to be just right and create this scene, three major elements must come together.

First, an extremely clear day is required, as the downtown and mountain subjects are many miles away, and the Los Angeles area is almost always so smoggy that you can't see the mountains at all. The only way to create extremely clear conditions is with a very wet rain storm, one which also clears as completely as possible as quickly as possible before sunset, too. This only happens three to five times a year.

Secondly, the moon has to rise at approximately sunset, in just the right spot. This only happens a few times a year.

Thirdly, a fresh snowfall on the mountains is a perfect wintry icing on the cake, of course, and this only happens a few times a year as well.

For all three elements to come together on the same day, well, let's just say that I've been waiting for this moment for more than a decade.

10 months ago*