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http://www.buydarkfallgold.net/darkfall-power-leveling.html Why did WAR get up so totally different from DAOC? These two games did -NOT- turn into alike at all, yet with this logic everyone would say they were “like” games. DAOC had clear differences such as 3 realm system vs 2 realms. DAOC had sdarkfalluestered PvE and PvP areas. DAOC had persistent battlegrounds as an alternative to instanced. DAOC had a world. Were they “like” games? If we stick to the logic why these games are alike then i am doomed to not ever visit a game try to do the DAOC model again. Same is true of darkfall, Tribes, and UO. UO fans — is Darkfall like UO? Both are Sandboxes, but true UO players will come out while stating these play differently enough them to must not be lumped in the same category. I’d hate for there not to ever be another UO because of Darkfall. The tiny details matter and may not lost in generalizations.
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