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Pentax K5 Rosette
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Pentax K5 Rosette
Ngc 2237, Rosette Nebula is a very difficult catch : it's mainly emitting H-alpha rays blocked by Cameras' IR-cut Filter. Plus, it's only visible during Winters' nights with clouds, rain, wind, storms... I shot +/-1 hundred of long exposures. Of which 69 raw files I kept. Of which 8 only that I was able to stack together, just this afternoon, finally ! 8 long exposures of 16 min. through an UHCS Filter :,118675.msg3999601.html#msg3999601,118675.msg8092266.html#msg8092266
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Pentax K-5 as sold
Sky-Watcher 200 / 1000
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Captured: Feb 22, 2015
Uploaded: Aug 29, 2021 (UTC)
Focal length: 1000 mm
Shutter speed: 945 sec
Aperture: F5
ISO: 80
Exposure comp.: -
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