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Tornado Waterspout
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Tornado Waterspout
Here is a my brief story about this weather event: "Who could think that an ordinary morning walk from Bol to Murvica, two small villages on island of Brach, Croatia, would be so exciting! It was August 4, 2006 and the waterspout appeared between islands of Hvar and Brach, just in front of Murvica beach. It was fascinating: She was there in front of me and my friend, connecting the sea and the cloud. All around us was calm, windless and we just heard the loud crickets sizzle and waterspout fizzle sound! She was coming closer and closer in full strength and beauty, swinging in the waist. We stood there, taking pictures, and finally when lightning start to stroke all around, we start to run to shelter in a small chapel at the nearby graveyard. Suddenly umbilical connection between sea and sky split up and She disappeared! At the same moment, the heavy rain started, so swelter and humid that we can hardly breath climbing up to the village."
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Tornado Waterspout
Tornado Waterspout
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Captured: Aug 4, 2006
Uploaded: Jan 22, 2010 (UTC)
Focal length: 7.3 mm
Shutter speed: 1/320 sec
Aperture: F4
ISO: 50
Exposure comp.: ±0.00


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