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SG-3IR Foot Mod 7D
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SG-3IR Foot Mod 7D
Modification to the foot of Nikon's SG-3IR so that it can be used on Canon's 7D, 60D or 600D. A really sharp knife, perhaps with a slightly scalloped edge, would be the perfect weapon. Clamp the foot in a vice using a cloth to avoid marking. Sit down and control both ends of the cutting blade as precision is required. I started with the long cut, leaving it incomplete - then made the oblique cut - then finishing the long cut. Finally, I thinned the tab slightly, cutting a little from its lower surface. Think twice & cut once! As shown, works perfectly.
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Captured: Feb 27, 2011
Uploaded: Feb 28, 2011 (UTC)
Focal length: -
Shutter speed: -
Aperture: -
ISO: -
Exposure comp.: -


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