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Pre-flash reflector for 5xxEx behind 'Ezy-Fold' style Ebay Softbox
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Pre-flash reflector for 5xxEx behind 'Ezy-Fold' style Ebay Softbox
Under Canon Wireless, this is just a way of enhancing 'pre-flash' sensing when a Speedlite is behind an 'Ezy'-style softbox. Sensor orientated away from the softbox. This augments environmental pre-flash bounce off walls & the ceiling. The speedlite is held in a metal 'Stroboframe' pattern cold shoe clamp. With these the metal is cut-away to clear the speedlite pins - and so avoid shorting. The photo shows the upgraded ball & socket adaptor which I did not like and have since changed to a D type Ebay adaptor.
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Captured: Oct 31, 2010
Uploaded: Oct 31, 2010 (UTC)
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