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S95 RemoteFlash 580(II)Ex off-camera (to your R)
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S95 RemoteFlash 580(II)Ex off-camera (to your R)
Off-cam 580(II)Ex triggered from S95. S95 to M, set flash to Manual (ie no pre-flash) & low power. Hama optical slave to RF-602 link triggering 580(II)Ex (to your) right. This also works for Second Curtain Sync too. You can leave the RF link out & just use the simple optical slave alone. (But then you have to use an 'Ex compatible' optical slave trigger device. Ex units are very particular.) Optical only allows full sync up to 1/1000 +; adding in the RF link adds latency delays which limit flash sync to 1/500th. And NO hss power losses! Not too shabby!
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Uploaded: Oct 10, 2010 (UTC)
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