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SX 220 HS Ext Flash
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SX 220 HS Ext Flash
Taken with a 7D (cropped etcetc) but lit by the SX 220 HS with a little help from the 580(II)Ex gelled & bounced off the ceiling. There was minimal ambient light and all the flash illumination was triggered by the SX 220 HS. The 580 was triggered by the simple optical slave trigger device just below it. (Ex units are choosey & need 'Ex compatible' optical triggers, to avoid a lock-up phenomenon.) These have no 'pre-flash ignore' option, so all the SX 220 'pre-flashes' need to be disabled. Set the SX 220 Flash to M. The SX 220 Flash is partly hidden - but still visible as a purple bar - by an 'IR-pass' filter held in front of it. Several 580s (or similar) could be triggered, gelled, bounced or modified as you choose. They can operate in either M or their Autothyristor setting too! Any point and shoot cam with a Manual flash option that disables pre-flashes, can be used for off-camera flash - usually without the sync speed limitation too.
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Uploaded: Oct 3, 2011 (UTC)
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