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Teton Camp
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Teton Camp
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Captured: Nov 1, 2012
Uploaded: Nov 1, 2012 (UTC)
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Pentax K20 at ISO 400 for 30 seconds with FA 35mm at f/2.0

I had planned this shot for months. The.. plan was to take a votive candle to light the tent. I left the candle in the car. So, I had to use the cold LED headlamp. The candle would have been nice...

The image is a bit noisy but will make a fine print, I think. I am pleased with the composition.

Not sure why the capture date shows Nov 1, 2012. This was when the image was uploaded for a challenge. I did no special work to it other than using Capture One. Earlier in my gallery is an effort made with Lightroom 3. I do like this version better. I do better with C1, but I am sure not all the difference between the two is the software.

Dec 8, 2012