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Flower Bud
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Flower Bud
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Captured: Mar 12, 2012
Uploaded: Mar 12, 2012 (UTC)
Focal length: -
Shutter speed: -
Aperture: -
ISO: -
Exposure comp.: -


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Pentax-A 50mm with Helicoid Extension Tube K for a little more than 1:2 magnification.

The aperture was something silly like f/4
I took many, many images and stacked them.

I could have used f/11 and stacked fewer images. The very narrow depth of field really allowed me to throw the surrounding buds and flowers out of focus. I could pick exactly where focus would end and f/4 gave a sharp fall off (relative to something like f/11)

A couple flashes. I forget exactly where I had them placed. The camera was on a manual focus rail. I moved the camera rather than adjust the focus ring. The software is Zerene Stacker.

Apr 19, 2013