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Mummy-coffins restoration 3D
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Mummy-coffins restoration 3D
Coffins of the Amun Priests Around 1000 BC, the most powerful priests and priestesses of ancient Egypt were the attendants of the Temples of Amun in Thebes. They were buried in mummy coffins with exceptionally beautiful decoration. These wooden coffins from the underground galleries of the Bab el-Gasus tomb form the heart of the exhibition. From its own collection, the museum will present archaeological finds from Bab el-Gasus, such as the mummy coffins, the accompanying funerary figurines in wooden caskets, and historic correspondence about the arrival of the coffins in Leiden. From museums in other countries, including the Louvre and the Vatican Museums, two mummy coffins will be on display, along with 19th-century photographs and watercolours showing the discovery of the tomb.
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Amon-Priests Coffins RMO 3D
Amon-Priests Coffins RMO 3D
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